What time is the bcs bowl selection

what time is the bcs bowl selection

BCS Bowl Selection 2012: Explaining Procedures, Order, Format, Tiebreaker Rules

BCS and Bowl Selection Weekend Chat about the BCS, the bowl picture and LSU-Alabama part 2. Apr 21, †Ј When the BCS was created in , Jerry brought his statistical and analytical know-how to football. That has continued with the BCSТs evolution into the College Football Playoff. Bowl records.

With conference championship games coming up, there is still plenty of time for the BCS rankings to jumble. No matter what happens in those contests, however, it is almost a certainty that there will be a team on the outside of the BCS title game with a legitimate claim of being treated unfairly. If No. The Buckeyes are undefeated, but they've only played two teams that were ranked at the time of the game, and only No.

This has left them with a slim lead in the rankings over one-loss Auburn. The Buckeyes face their biggest test of the season with a date against No. Still, No. Urban Meyer would be well advised to make sure his team authors a complete and convincing win against the Spartans if he fancies a shot at playing for the national title.

ESPN can't be complaining about these scenarios. The sports network will be broadcasting the selection show, and with the possibilities of drama, there will be a lot of anxious eyes on the broadcast. Of course, the above scenario deals with both Florida State and Ohio State winning. If you've ever watched just a week of college football, you know there is a possibility one or both could lose.

There are no guarantees. Florida State should blow Duke off the field, but who's to say that the Blue Devils won't play wildly over their heads and win with something like Christian Laettner catching a last-second Hail Mary? Still, more likely is Ohio State falling. After all, this team needed an interception on a two-point conversion to avoid falling this past weekend to unranked Michigan.

If one of those what to do with abandoned newborn kittens loses, the winner how to make sauce for salmon fish the SEC Championship game is looking good to get in. Missouri would have to pass Alabama, but that should happen with Alabama being idle and Missouri playing the team that the Crimson Tide just lost to.

My guess is that it will be an SEC showdown in that scenario, and there isn't much way around that. Alabama is idle and has a massive lead in the rankings over the first non-SEC team below itЧNo. We also can look forward to announcements on the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta and Orange bowl games. Those matchups are almost completely dependent upon how things shake out with conference championship games.

The one big exception being Alabama. After contemplating all the possible matchup scenarios, only one thing has become clear: Strap in, college football fans. It's going to be an unpredictable ride. University of Buffalo's Lance Leipold will be new Jayhawks head coach after going over last four seasons Yahoo.

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Overview Sites and Schedules Governance Selection Committee Chronology FAQ National Championship Trophy Sponsors Staff Employment Capital One Orange Bowl (Dec. 31) Indianapolis (Jan. 10) Playoff All-Time National Championship Game Sites All-Time Results Championship Semifinals Championship Semifinals 36 rows†Ј View the College Football Bowl Schedule for the season at datmetopen.com The . Dec 08, †Ј The BCS Bowl Selection Show on ESPN has a start time of pm PST on ESPN. But many of the early results have been released already tonight on datmetopen.com Some of the game schedules and lineups were released before the live telecast roughly one hour away.

Will it be one the school will never forget? We find out soon enough, kickoff is just a few minutes away. But Virginia Tech settled in and was able to deliver a big play of their own. The Tigers' secondary bit on a read and Thomas delivered a 45 yard touchdown pass to a wide open D. Coles to tie the game before the end of the 1st quarter. Both teams benefited from costly defensive penalties by the opposition, only to settle for field goals.

A holding call with less than 30 seconds left in the second quarter almost pushed Virginia Tech out of field goal range, but Cody Journell stepped up and delivered a career-long yard kick to tie the game just before the break. The Spartans, remember, shared the Big Ten title last season but haven't been to Pasadena since Scoring offense and scoring defense national standings.

The higher the ranking the lower the number the better. The lower the combined numbers the better. So how does it look when you consider combined offensive and defensive strength? Stanford would be the next team in line then VA Tech. Okla State at 66 is last and it seems the voters that have them at 5th have it right. Jerry Palm says the loss by Georgia also helps both Michigan and TCU, as each looks to move up two spots in the rankings and qualify for BCS games likely against each other.

That number has gone down a bit since, but it's still an important factor to consider. Oklahoma State Strikes First The Cowboys used a big pass play to get in scoring position and then Jeremy Smith finished it with a 9-yard touchdown run. The Cowboys are up halfway through the first, and thus far the defense has done a good job against Oklahoma's offense. Through the first 15 minutes the Cowboys have definitely looked to be the better team and are playing a lot sharper than they did in the loss to Iowa State.

Still, the Oklahoma defense came up with a key stop inside the red zone late in the quarter to hold Oklahoma State to a field goal rather than a touchdown. In a game that's likely going to feature a lot more points, that could be a moment that plays a pretty large role in the outcome before this one is over.

We should play Ok St! If we play Bama and they win, what does that mean? LSU beat Bama at home. This Wisconsin vs. Michigan State game might be one of the best games -- Michigan State leads and its not even halftime yet! Ok State does not have enuff votes to jump Alabama nor should they Alabama has the better record!

AlabamaStar -- Huh? Easy there LSU not sure about ever. I think some of those Miami teams would have somthing to say about that. But yes I agree, if Bama were to win by 3 on a neutral site how can you say Alabama is the outright nat'l champ? I should switch over to Fox. Either that or drive down to the stadium :- but I am 45 minutes from Lucas Oil. Okie St has been good all season too BamaStar. They lost a close one the night after their womens bball coach died.

Boise is deserving but it is all about money and the rules, because Boise lost they are out. And that is why Michigan is popular they have a good following it brings money to a city. Sad it is about money but that is what it is. Bama Star, none of them have any voted until they vote tomorrow. They vote again each week.

Ok St has played the harder schedule. Ok St has beaten 5 top 20 teams, Bama has beat 2. Myke -- Yeah that's a BCS problem. Now you got two teams who beat each other once. We have beaten everyone, including 8 ranked teams, 5 top College football needs to have a play off like all other sports!!

I think all that oppose a rematch would agree with me that if there was a 16 team playoff and there was a rematch in the title game. Georgetown v Villanova bball in was a rematch. Until we have play offs this will happen again and again!! Dale -- A rematch through a playoff.

No avoiding that. Not a rematch "voted" on. Does the Big East vs. ACC bowl game even matter? Why is it even a BCS bowl? Myke, the Orange bowl no longer has a tie to the Big East. The Big East gets essentially an at large, though it is guranteed. I may live in bama but i am not biased Maybe it will teach the pollsters that we need a playoff. LSU and Alabama? If the Super Bowl champion was beat earlier in the year by the people they just beat in the super bowl, nobody questions the championship.

And the BCS claims "The entire season is a playoff" -- so they got a bit of a problem with who is No. Like Saban said today

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