What shoots 7. 62 x54r

what shoots 7. 62 x54r

Shooting the Russian 7.62?54

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Home » Firearms » Shooting the Russian 7. Over the years we have seen a steady progression in rifle performance, and the modernization of rifle powder. Black powder rusted the metal almost as soon as it was fired.

Modern rifle powder, such as Varget, is very clean. You simply have to follow a few steps to fire and use this affordable ammunition. Ammunition is declared surplus when no longer needed. There are not a lot of nations still using the 7. Some simply need a little cash, and we benefit from the decision. Much of this ammunition was intended for military use and manufactured under stringent control. In my experience, match grade accuracy was not as important as ignition reliability.

Since the 7. In fact, it is difficult to pull a bullet even with a Kinetic bullet puller. The availability of surplus ammunition has made firing and using older rifles less inexpensive and more satisfying. The primer seal is good, and the cartridges often feature a good case mouth seal—normally sealed with some form of lacquer. In other words, this is the type of ammunition you may wish to put into long-term storage.

When sealed in a protective can, the ammunition is all the more secure. Of course, I fire and enjoy my surplus ammunition.

I simply follow simple steps in cleaning the rifle afterward. Often the surplus ammunition may be properly considered as ammunition put up in a time capsule from an era when prices were lower. Lets look at 7. You can fire a good batch of this ammunition on a single trip to the range. The rifles are accurate, fun to shoot and trouble free. Recoil is modest for the power involved. However, the heavier ball loads often strike high at the ranges in which we often practice.

The gr. The grain Hungarian loading at fps is usually closer to the point of aim at 50 to yards. A grain bullet at fps is awfully close to the. If you do not handload, this affordable ammunition is among the best bet on the planet for shooting the Mosin Nagant and shooting it a lot. Accuracy is acceptable, but it really depends upon the rifle. There are means of tightening up the stock and furniture on the rifle and also making certain the bore is free of copper deposits.

While some rifles are more accurate than others, most may be counted on for a three-shot group of 2. Often the same rifle will carry to yards and give a four- to five-inch group.

That is pretty good for an old war horse. Now, an old rifle that rattles when shook and has been beat up in the war—or wars—might do five inches at yards! On the other hand, one of the Finnish Nagants, with the nicest trigger I have ever experienced on this type of rifle, turned in how to convert 240v to 12v lovely 1.

For how to change your address on amazon practice the inexpensive Hungarian ball works just fine. They were used for many years because the composition is stable and reliable in all climatic conditions.

The adoption of self-loading rifles pretty much spelled the end of this type of priming. Gas systems would be wrecked by corrosion. The key elements in corrosive primers are potassium chloride and sodium chloride. When deposited in the barrel and action, they draw moisture and this causes corrosion. After firing these cartridges be certain to thoroughly clean the bore, the bolt and the operating systems. If you do not clean your modern rifleyou do not need an older rifle and surplus loads… If you are used to using black powder firearms, surplus ammunition gives you a much easier chore.

The firearm must be field stripped. I used a spray bottle with ammonia. This really gets to the chemicals and cleans the rifle well. Hot boiling water is OK as well. Be certain the bore is cleaned properly and use a good quality solvent.

The rules are little different than cleaning with any other ammunition just be certain to clean the bolt, and the barrel, with ammonia. And as I said, hot water will work well and quickly evaporates. Follow with a light coat of oil, and you are good to go. As for the Hungarian ammunition, I have enjoyed the modest quantities I have fired, and you will as well.

What has your experience been with the 7. Tell us in the comment section. Try a spam can that YOU opened, not leftovers that could have been out in the open and exposed for a decade. Misfires may be a matter of firing pin protrusion. Mine also had a broken firing pin spring; Wolff Gunsprings makes them in several strengths.

I have some surplus ammunition in cotton bandoleers. That Type 53 will dislocate your shoulder if you do not seat the rifle butt properly. It is a kicker for sure! Ammunition is fairly abundant and sometimes found at a reasonable price, especially if purchased in bulk. As the how to find pipes under concrete floor reads, clean it after each use and subsequently on a regular basis if in storage for a long period.

Best Wishes and Keep Shootin! I am new to the Mossin and mine is Russian production from It fired great the first time out. The second time, every shell failed to extract. Had to drop my cleaning rod down it to pop it loose.

After some taps from my mighty hammer i have yet to see this problem since. I have used the Bear brand and the Monarch brand from academy. One has the lead exposed tip and the other i think is coated. Both have fired with no problems at all. Now that i added a rail and a good scope i can really tske aim and fire with accuracy. I bore how much free storage with skydrive the scope st yrds and st at the range my grouoing has been within two inches for the most part.

I stand and fire freehand and the first few are within three inches. I get tired of holding it and the accuracy drops after that but thats my fault more than the rifles. Its a beast. I havent weighed it but whatever the base weight is, plus a rubber butt plate and a lesther wraped barrel as well as the large scope, it is definatly a hefty ol gal but i love it. Most of the firing problems i had in the beginning and have seen with many other peoples Mossin Nagants has had something to do with the bolt assembly.

AN extractor not tappped flush with the firing pin encasement piece will cause the extractor to pop off the lip of the ammo after its fired, leaving it stuck in the barrel. Sometimes the fireing pi and housing at the end of the bolt will be a bad fit and cause issues unloading the bolt.

Some times you have to tap thing back into position or file off. Now i got it just the way i want it. A good project rifle. They kick like a mule, But I enjoy them both at the range. The ammunition is not as plentiful as it once was, but now and then you can find a decent deal on a or tin of surplus. If you do not own one, recommend getting same before the supply is gone.

The only ammo used is milsurp. Well, we are in an ammo depression. As for cleaning the rifle after how to play joker on bass, I use Kreloil and nothing else. No water, hot or cold or ammonia with or without water and no rust anywhere. I am happy with all related with the M-N.

I have to disagree. While the ammo is cheap, I have had nothing but headaches trying to shoot surplus ammo. When I bought the first I got the only two 20 rd boxes of ammo the gun store had. Only half of those 40 rds fired and two of those empty rds.

I then went to a different gun store in a different town and bought two 20 rd boxes and only half of them fired. Some time ago I acquired the second gun from Dunhams. I also bought several paper cartons of surplus ammo from them.

Out of every 5 I put in the gun, one would fire and you never knew which one it would be.

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Statistically, within the United States anyway, that would be the 22 Long Rifle cartridge. The 22 bolt action rifle is the most common of all firearms, found in the household of nearly every gun owner. Even if you hate guns, chances are you have o. Nov 29,  · Often the surplus ammunition may be properly considered as ammunition put up in a time capsule from an era when prices were lower. Lets look at ?54 ball ammunition. You can fire a good batch of this ammunition on a single trip to the range. The rifles are accurate, fun to shoot and trouble free. Recoil is modest for the power involved. The x54R is the longest serving military cartridge of all time with no signs of retirement in the near future. In Eastern Bloc countries, the cartridge is highly respected among hunters and soldiers. In the west, the x54R offers us an insight into both history and culture.

MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions. Hold that Forend! Effective Game Killing. Basic Rifle Accuracy and Ballistics. The Door. Small Arms Wound Ballistics. The Practical Guide to Reloading.

MatchGrade Bedding Products. Video Learning. Military and Police Consulting. Consultation with Nathan Foster. Help us with a donation. Shooting Tutorials. Film And Author Consulting. Book series reviews. YouTube Gallery. History In , the Russian chief artillery administration opened a commission to explore the feasibility of converting the Berdan single shot service rifle to repeating magazine feed. Between and several designs were submitted while the most promising designs were put forwards by Sergei Mosin from Tula State Arsenal.

But with no simple solution, the commission was eventually dropped. In , the Russian military opened a new commission under the direction of major general N. I Chagin towards a complete replacement of the now obsolete Berdan rifle.

The successful designs of Mauser, Mannlicher, Lee and Lebel were tested, however those of most interest to the Russian military were a 7. Initially, the Nagant rifle proved the most successful design. The Mosin was somewhat rough, utilizing low quality materials. Nevertheless, a Lieutenant General P. L Chebysher submitted a written report stating that the Mosin design should be adopted due to its Russian invention.

Further trials found that the Mosin was on closer inspection, a serviceable rifle design without some of the complexities of the Nagant. The Russian military finally adopted the Mosin rifle. Historians suggest that the rifle incorporated the Nagant rifle magazine and feeding system.

More recently, there has been debate as to how much actual influence the Nagant brothers had in the final design other than minor influences. The new rifle bore the designation Three Line Rifle of , a line being one tenth of an inch and referring to the caliber. Groove diameter was 7. The cartridge later became widely known as the 7. The R identified the cartridge as being rimmed. Outside of its official Three Line Rifle of designation, the rifle was simply known amongst soldiers as the Rifle Mosin while in the West it became known as the Mosin Nagant pronounced Mozeen Nahgon.

Initially the 7. From to the M91 was produced in France until Russia was fully tooled up for mass production in Production over the next 20 years would remain steady however the beginning of the First World War in created an immediate shortage of rifles. To fulfill demand, contracts were given to the American firms Remington and New England Westinghouse to build 1. The following year, two Russian revolutions saw the Russian monarchy overthrown by what would become the Communist government, halting any further overseas production of rifles.

Both Remington and Westinghouse had made heavy financial commitments to produce the M91 rifle and the defaulted contract threatened financial ruin. Fortunately the US government came to the rescue, buying a total of , M91 rifles. Along with military use, US built M91 rifles were made available to civilian hunters.

Ammunition which had been produced for the Russian contract was available from Remington and Winchester although both the rifle and cartridge did not gain popularity due to the much favored Springfield. Russian production of the M91 Mosin continued to , the model being typified by its hexagonal receiver.

There were three variations of the M91; the Infantry rifle In the M91 was updated, recognizable by a round receiver, the In the M38 was improved and the new model designated M Besides serving the Russian military the Mosin rifle in 7. Arms stocks were built up by buying used or captured M91 rifles from other countries as well as damaged rifles that would simply be used as parts.

Ammunition was produced in Finland and designated 7. The first Finnish designated Mosin Nagant rifle would be the M Barrel length was left at Besides the differences in contour, a major difference between Russian and Finnish Mosin barrels is bore size. Measured groove to groove Russian bores have a nominal bore diameter of.

These rifles fired a scaled down, low recoiling version of the 7. This was a shorter range cartridge designed for optimum performance in semi-automatic rifles. The 7. An estimated 37,, Mosin rifles were built including Chinese produced rifles. It is worth noting that this rifle was not only adopted as a sniper rifle, but also as a designated marksman rifle, becoming a squad support weapon.

The Russian military understood that by adopting the 7. Unlike Western allied nations who adopted the two man sniper team as a separate and independent entity, the Russian military also employed the SVD as a squad support weapon with designated marksmen in each unit. The U. S, Australia and New Zealand have only recently adopted this doctrine, utilizing the M 7.

However, this status is not completely true. This will set the service life of the. However, the grain pointed FMJ bullet has remained the most common loading. In the USSR had its first free election in over 70 years with reformist politicians sweeping into power. The gradual erosion of Socialist politics ended on December 1st, All non-Russian republics declared their independence bringing a peaceful end to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Since this time, thousands of surplus Mosin Nagant rifles have been exported and sold to civilian markets worldwide at very affordable prices. As a hunting cartridge, the 7. In the west, the Mosin Nagant and its 7. Actor Jude law played the role of the famous Russian sniper Vasily Zaitsev during the battle of Stalingrad as well as his individual counter sniper battle with German sniper, Major Erwin Konig. This movie propelled interest among many shooters, in the potential accuracy and effect of the Mosin Nagant rifle and 7.

Russia utilized more snipers than any other nation during the second world war. Furthermore, a great many Russian snipers were women. The accurate semi-automatic SVD Dragunov rifles made their way into the western civilian market gradually at first, becoming more readily available after the collapse of the USSR.

Along with this, the Tiger rifle, a commercial variant of the SVD has proven popular among shooters worldwide. Both variants have proven to be accurate, serviceable hunting rifles.

Ex-military rifles in new or near new condition can be purchased from gun stores and importers at very low prices. Ammunition capable of cleanly killing medium game is also readily available and inexpensive. After market stocks and upgrades have also helped bolster popularity. The Russian rifles and 7. For collectors and enthusiasts, there is a wealth of knowledge and support groups available on the internet.

An enthusiast can literally lose weeks, months or perhaps years, exploring and enjoying research. Performance The 7. Potential power is similar to the. With hand loads, grain bullets can be driven at fps in carbines and up to fps in long barreled rifles. Any and all of these loads, when matched appropriately to game body weights, are capable of producing clean and relatively fast killing on medium game out to ordinary hunting ranges of around yards.

Like the. The current. To this end, although muzzle velocities may be fairly high, the 7. Nevertheless, this situation has gradually changed. Hornady have produced a. Both of these projectiles have boosted the potential performance of the 7. During my early research prior to recent bullet designs , I came across many reports of dramatic violent wounding evident with the 7.

After pursuing these reports and obtaining the actual rifles, violent wounding fell into two categories. In Mosin rifles with worn bores due to either machining tolerances or wear from corrosive ammunition , loss in bullet stability would cause.

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