What is a shaker style kitchen

what is a shaker style kitchen

15 Kitchens With Shaker Cabinets

A contemporary Shaker-style kitchen focuses on simplicity and clean lines. Image Credit: cj2a/iStock/Getty Images Synonymous with simplicity, understated style and craftsmanship, Shaker design is characterized by clean lines that add depth and interest without being visually overpowering. Nov 18, †Ј Shaker cabinets are characterized by their durable all-wood construction, visual simplicity, and affordability. Shaker style kitchen cabinets use rail frame and panel construction with recessed panel doors. This is what gives shaker cabinet doors their classic clean lines/5(K).

The jury is in, and the verdict is unanimous. Shaker style kitchen cabinets remain as universally popular today as ever. But just what is it about Shaker style kitchen cabinets that have secured their place as a kitchen design classic?

The Shakers were a religious sect who first arrived in the United States from central Europe during the late s. Believing that material desires, excess, and adornment offended God, their style of woodwork though accomplished tended toward the austere and utilitarian. Now, nearly years later, the Shaker style remains a top choice for kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

In fact, several modernist furniture designers from the early s drew inspiration from the Shaker movement including icons like Hans Wegner and George Nakashima.

When it comes to selecting cabinets for your kitchen upgraderaised cabinets are a strong second place contender to Shaker style cabinets. And as with most things in life, there are pros and cons to both options. Probably the most apparent difference between raised and Shaker style kitchen cabinets is their outward appearance. While Shaker style cabinets have a flat, recessed panel and an overt outer frame, raised cabinets having a central panel that lies above the outer frame giving them a three-dimensional look.

Also, the outer frame is usually grooved, beveled or beaded creating an intricate decorative effect. The aim is to make it look as if the raised cabinet door or drawer face has been carved from a single plank. In contrast, Shaker style cabinets display a far more spartan design with very little in the way of ornamental flourishes.

Another difference between the two choices is that raised cabinets are generally difficult to find in frameless construction while Shaker cabinets are available in frameless and framed construction options, the latter of which pairs equally well with the inset style, and full or partial overlays. Also, bear in mind that raised kitchen cabinets can employ molding to fill the gap between the top of a wall cabinet and the ceiling. In short, raised cabinets are associated with traditional kitchen designs while Shaker style cabinets lend themselves to contemporary, modern, transitional, and rustic designs thanks to their versatility.

And bonus, Shaker style cabinets are often less expensive than raised cabinets. The sleek, uncluttered look of Shaker kitchen cabinets ensures they transcend fickle design trends making how to get rid of huge beehive a sound foundation for your kitchen remodel.

Besides that, there is nothing like a fresh stain or coat of paint, change in color or hardware upgrade to keep your Shaker doors and drawers looking good as new. These can take the form of beveled or beaded edges and more ornate shaker cabinet hardware. Your design sensibility can also be expressed how to screenshot on t mobile prism 2 your choice of flooring, toe kicks, countertops, backsplashes, and appliances.

Finally, Shaker style cabinets lend themselves to a range of finishes depending on your intended look. Anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle will appreciate the fact that Shaker kitchen cabinets are easy to clean. If you have young kids, consider installing Shaker kitchen doors and drawers made from wood laminate. Their affordability, enduring utilitarian appeal, the scope for personalization and compatibility with various design concepts from country to ultra-modern make Shaker style cabinets a solid remodel investment and ensure they will add value not just to your kitchen but your home as a whole.

As compared to slab door cabinets, which have a flat front surface, Shaker style cabinets tend to gather dust or food particles in the corners, grooves, and crevices of the center panel, which might make it harder for some to clean and maintain in the long run. Well, this may not find a lot of takers but Shaker style cabinets might be a little too classic or traditional for some who want to set up a modern kitchen. This actually holds true for any kitchen cabinets.

What is a shaker style kitchen you choose a do a particular kind of kitchen remodeling, the taste affects the selling price of your house since the potential buyers may have a different kitchen style preferences altogether.

By and large, Shaker style kitchen cabinets lend a classic appeal to your kitchen space, which may not go down well with potential buyers who prefer a more modern style kitchen for their home.

That said, it all depends on the way you customize your kitchen cabinets and the kitchen space as a whole. Kitchen trends are transient. But why do we recommend white cabinets, you ask? Trend-Proof: Kitchen trends are short-living and they constantly evolve. You need to choose a style e. Both shaker style cabinets and white color are popular, trendy and accommodating to any future changes you might opt for.

Higher demand for your house means greater returns on your kitchen remodeling. Feel-Good Factor: For every homeowner, the main objective of kitchen renovation what is the marriage of figaro about to infuse positive vibes and boost the functionality of their current kitchen. Needless to say, color plays a crucial role in creating the right feel in kitchen remodeling.

According to color therapists, white color lends a positive vibe as it represents purity, happiness and innocence rolled into one. Plus, the brightens the kitchen space by reflecting the available sources of light, exuding a feel-good factor. This is why white Shaker kitchen cabinets are a great choice for many what are the names of miley cyrus siblings. Your selected finish can have a significant impact on the outcome of your kitchen makeover.

You might opt for the natural stain finish favored by the Shakers. The beauty of a natural stain finish is that it highlights the intricate grain of whatever hardwood is used to make your cabinets so long as the stain is not too dark. A variation on this theme is the distressed Ч or burnished Ч stain finish which works to give the Shaker cabinet doors and drawers an aged appearance.

On the other hand, a painted finish works to give your kitchen a crisp, cool feel. Again, your choice of color is wide open. While off-white and neutral colors are the most common choice, nothing is stopping you from going with bright, bold shades. One drawback to the painted finish is it may be subject to hairline cracks as the wood expands and contracts over time.

Good news for the budget-conscious consumer is that the extensive choice of wood laminate substitutes makes it possible to achieve an authentic Shaker look without breaking the bank. Great Post. Really like how this defines the pros and cons of shaker style cabinets. Thanks for sharing this. Make sure you sign up for the newsletters for more updates on Shaker cabinets moving forward! Happy New Year!

They feature recessed panel doors, light finishes and minimalist hardware and accessories. But just what is it about Shaker style kitchen [Е]. Your email address will not be published.

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What can be done about this? A Quick on Guide on Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles Ч Nu Kitchen Design [Е] of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles, Shaker style cabinets boast a simple and minimalist designed, pioneered by the Shakers back in the [Е] Reply. How to How to refinish wood floors diy Dark Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel Project Ч Nu Kitchen Design [Е] a contemporary look in your kitchen, especially when they boast interesting door styles such as the Shaker style cabinets manufactured by [Е] Reply.

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Description and Explanation of Shaker Cabinets

Oct 28, †Ј A Shaker Style Kitchen with Inset Doors The picture below is another kitchen I designed using Shaker doors and drawers, this time using inset. In inset, doors and drawers are installed into the cabinet frame so that the frame is visible. Jan 16, †Ј Shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular trend in current kitchen renovations because of the classic and simple look they give to either a traditional or contemporary design. Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends 15 Photos Cabinets play an important role in both your kitchen's appearance and datmetopen.com: Amy Mcevoy. Mar 24, †Ј Shaker refers to a specific style of American framed cabinets bearing certain common features. The traits of shaker cabinets are visually distinctive and they make a bold impression in any kitchen claiming them. Their look is classic and simple, lending a timeless sophistication to kitchens and bathrooms.

Need Help? Call Us Now: My Cart. Shaker refers to a specific style of American framed cabinets bearing certain common features. The traits of shaker cabinets are visually distinctive and they make a bold impression in any kitchen claiming them. Their look is classic and simple, lending a timeless sophistication to kitchens and bathrooms. It has become an increasingly popular trend to include them in contemporary remodels.

A shaker is generally characterized by plain squares and rails vertical and horizontal edges, respectively along with a flat panel. If you were to look at the cross section of a typical shaker cabinet door, you would see something along the lines of a flat panel composing the center of the door surrounded by raised styles. As you can see, the standard shaker style includes a center recessed flat panel surrounded by a rail door panel with or without some degree of embellishment.

In some cases, the recessed flat panel may have a raised center. The most basic shaker style cabinet door is a five-piece with recessed center panel and no accompanying details along the edges. Originally Quakers, they splintered off in the late 18th century in a time when the Quakers had begun to eschew more radical methods of worship. Though they originated in Manchester, England, they ultimately emigrated to America.

Fiercely self-reliant within their own communities, the Shakers were adept craftsmen. They had a reputation for the quality of their work, producing furniture that was simple, reliable, long lasting.

A core tenet of their philosophy in crafting was that veneers or ornamentation on furniture constituted deceit. This yielded furniture free from any significant embellishment, instead focusing on function and modest style. The only notable exception was an occasional tree of life placed on pieces, but this was only done rarely. Shakers tended to use local timbers in their work, including maple, cherry, and pine. At this time it was far more common for other American designers to be utilizing imported woods in their construction, making the Shakers somewhat of an oddity in this case.

Most of their pieces were given a paint coat or stain or blues, reds, greens, and yellows. Rather than importing brass fixtures as was the standard of the time, Shakers implemented turned-wood knobs of their own manufacture in their furniture. With such attention to quality and maximum usability in their manufactured goods, it is little surprise that their reputation for excellent craftsmanship survives today along with their cabinet design.

The quality and simplicity of their work continues to translate well in modern kitchens and bathrooms, as shaker cabinets remain a flagship of many home remodels due to their ability to increase home value. It is their very simplicity which allows that same cabinet design to seamlessly serve in modern kitchens with every contemporary amenity.

Smart kitchen devices and other technological marvels look right at home beside shakers. Their clean and simple style allows shakers to fit well in most modern kitchen designs. Their layout will commonly include flat paneled doors accompanied by rail frames.

Modern shaker design still tend to avoid any real flourishes in favor of a fundamentally functional look. They can often be seen paired up with white or a light grey. Looking for a wide selection of Shaker style cabinets?

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