What does pull a train mean

what does pull a train mean

How many guys is considered "pulling a train"?

pull a train vulgar slang Of a woman, to have sex with two or more men sequentially or at the same time. Things were starting to get weird with my boyfriend already, but when he said he wanted me to pull a train with him and some of his friends, I knew the relationship was over. See also: pull, train. pull a train: [verb] when a group of men all have sex with one women at the same time, one right behind another. See more words with the same meaning: sex activities, practices, moves. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

Pullman also benefited from long-term conservation efforts unavailable to most neighborhoods. To learn more about what was happening, they teamed up with glacial biologist Scott Hotaling at Washington State University in Pullman. Nixon, saw an opportunity. Then he goes out, gits into his What is dave ramsey net worth section, blows his punkin whistle and departs. Are not Pullman cars, hotels, and theatres operating under licenses or charters insuring equal opportunities for all?

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Pull the train Having sex with several men one after another. First used in the motorcycle gangs of the 's. When a woman wanted to gain status as a gang " Mamma " she was required to have sex with all the male memebers of the gang. Pulling-a-train meaning Present participle of pull a train. The term pulling a train is associated with the sexual congress of one female and multiple males, who take turns in a more or less orderly fashion - classically more than just two or three, more like double digits (see what I did there?). The term is indefinable on consent.

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To make a long story short One thing leads to another and I turn into a whore. Now I need a Soy to the World from Liquiteria to clean all the fucking poison out of my body. Nice work, OP. Your post satisfied all the requirements. Next time, however, you might want to make it a little more elaborate.

Because, like long hair or a tight shirt, you can get away with it if you're 19 and working out your wild youth. If you're 49 it's just kinda pathetic. Impossibly stupid and socially retarded. Too young to know about life and too easily distracted by bright, shiny objects. Horny and immature and naive, a triple threat!

The absence of the words "uncut," "thick," or "straight" leads me to wonder whether this is an authentic EST.

It's difficult, because it depends on the size of the guys, their cock size, their age, their race, and their education level. Just as an example, all other things being equal, it takes 3 Black guys to pull a train, but 5 white guys. Pulling-train math can get pretty complex given that the characteristic of all the people involved won't match up. One after another. That's right R No gay man has ever taken on more than one cock at a time in any sexual situation in all of history.

This kind of thing has just started in the last 10 years or so. Some desperate whores may do it for money, but they certainly don't "fantasize" about having 20 men.

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How many guys is considered "pulling a train"? Hope you don't die! Welcome, OP! Pulling a train? So the only one whose dick wasn't in a hole was yopurs I take it, OP? Do you mean like a "daisy chain"? What does "pulling a train" mean? Getting gang-banged, R4. Was it bareback? If it was you should be ashamed of yourself but if it wasn't - good for you! You completely lost me at 8 balls, sweetie. I hope you are only in your early twenties. If not, you need therapy and rehab.

Fuck off r8. Life is for living! R8 I'm 19, but I don't understand what my age has to do with anything. That's because you're But if you were playing safe, great! Live it up today and grow up tomorrow. Does it contain the phrase "to make a long story short"? Does it contain the phrase "one thing leads to another"?

Is there a reference to a "Cuban dude," "Mexican dude," or "Latin dude"? What did the theater queen do, film it for xtube? That word put hell's national anthem "Hey Soul Sister" into my head.

What r12 said. And it's always Hell's kitchen for Noodles, isn't it r12? Is there a boiling hot grease vat anywhere nearby for R12 to jump into? OP, have you ever done Speedballs? Those are the bestest!

I agree! I thought a train was one dick in the vagina and the other in the ass. I don't think men can pull a train? No R25 pull a train: Consensual sex between one woman and several men.

Example: The stripper agreed to pull a train with all of the guys at the bachelor party. I weep for today's youth! An 8 ball also refers to meth. This never happened.

They were: it's called "Manhattan. Things to remember on one's death bed. It's this damn recession, BiP. I believe that OP had sex with three guys, but the "2 Eight Balls" thing is a lie. Your own sluttiness was the catalyst. But, if the Black guys are over 40, it takes 4 Black guys. Would you do it again?

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