What does it mean when ur hands go numb

what does it mean when ur hands go numb

13 Reasons You Feel Numbness or Tingling in Your Hands and Fingers, According to a Doctor

May 06,  · If your handor arm gets numb, the cause could range from carpal tunnel syndrometo a pinched nerve. No matter the reason, treatments can give you relief as . It could be: It could be a pinched nerve in your neck affecting your hands or it could be an arthritis in your hands or you could have a diabetic neuropathy. See See Read More.

Many people report their hands going numb or falling asleep while in bed at night. For some people it is just a few fingers while for others their entire hand falls totally asleep — sometimes both hands at the same time! There are a few causes of numb hands while sleepingsome more serious that others!

In some cases the cause is as simple as your sleeping position but sometimes it can be a symptom of a more serious medical problem. Some are easy to fix like you sleeping position but other causes may be signs of more serious medical conditions that only your doctor can diagnose.

One of the most common causes of numbness in the hands at night is how you lay down. If your hands are under your pillows, head picking fingers how to stop other body part do not be surprised if you wake up with tingling hands! Instead of laying down with your hands under you try sleeping with them free so that blood can flow and no nerves are pinched.

We recommend sleeping flat on your back with your hands free above the blankets. Sleeping on your side and stomach are easy ways to find your hands pinned under part of your body. Some people even report success sleeping on the floor or in a large reclining chair! Another common cause of hand numbness is vitamin deficiencies. It you have a poor diet that does not include many fruits and vegetables try changing what you eat and including a daily multi vitamin. A third common cause of nightly hand numbness is nerve problems.

Sometimes the problem is as simple as a pinched nerve in your wrist, arm, shoulder or neck. These injuries can happen due to the way you sleep or as part of another injury.

The easiest cure is to find a new sleeping position. We recommend experimenting with body pillows until you find the right way to lay. Cervical collars can help but surgery may be require in some extreme pinched nerves! If that is the case your doctor will likely start with a MRI and develop a treatment plan. Cervical Stenosis aka a bulging disc in your back is another common cause, especially in active adults.

Do you use a computer more than 6 hours per day? Then you may be at risk of developing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in your shoulder. TOS causes pinched median nerves in the wrist and shoulder.

Common treatments for TOS include stretching and wrist splints. Numb hands and feet are an unfortunate side effect of diabetes — especially if the disease is not properly managed. If sleep position and other common causes have been ruled out it might be time to talk to your doctor about Diabetes. The numbness is usually located in the fingers and feet due to nerve compression and most commonly occurs in the peripheral nerves when suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Waking up with numb hands is no fun! It feels like your how to get textbox value from gridview in asp net are bloated and too large for your body.

Many people report feeling clumsy and have trouble doing basic things like picking up the phone, opening a door or brushing their teeth. Some women report numb hands at night during pregnancy. The most common cause is carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS. This is common due to fluid build ups in the tissue around the wrist. Symptoms usually go away after birth!

We recommend using a wrist splint or brace to help manage numbness if it occurs too what does it mean when ur hands go numb. Numbness in the extremities is one of the most common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The numb feeling usually start off mild and grow in severity over time as the disease breaks down the body. Tingling and prickly feelings commonly accompany numbness so be on the lookout for any co-symptoms!

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Tired of waking up every morning feeling tired and unable to get out of bed? Learn how sleep disorders, sleep aids, your mattress and other problems can impact your nightly rest! Do your hands go numb while sleeping? Your not alone! What causes numbness in hands and arms while sleeping?

Your Sleep Position. Vitamin Deficiency. Possible Nerve Problems. Two of the most common pinched nerve related injuries are tennis and golfers elbow!

Cervical Stenosis aka a Disc Bulge. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Diabetes Complications. What does it feel like? During Pregnancy. Is it related to MS?

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Order The Best Carpal Tunnel Treatment Today and Say Goodbye To Carpal Tunnel Pain

Ask doctors free. Top answers from doctors based on your search:. Christopher Wilson answered. Carpal tunnel: Those symptoms are quite suspicious for carpal tunnel syndrome. Your doctor can help determine how to better evaluate and manage the issue. Send thanks to the doctor.

Get help now: Ask doctors free Personalized answers. Bac Nguyen answered. Trapped nerve: Often carpal tunnel syndrome or ulnar nerve entrapment can cause this It is quite common. Have it evaluated because there are effective treatments Read More. Lonna Larsh answered. Carpal tunnel: The most common cause would be carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve innervates the thumb, index finger and half the middle finger.

It runs into Prem Gupta answered. Possible CTS: See a neurologist. Carpal tunnel syndrome or neuropathy is likely. You may need an EMG test. Steven Brown answered. Median neuropathy: Could be early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or pronator syndrome one important diagnostic finding would be the pattern of the numbness and what View 1 more answer. Jeffrey Kass answered. Means its time: To see a neurologist, at least for the numb hands. Foot pain is way to general to give you an answer.

See a fo Judy Fine-edelstein answered. Need evaluation: It sounds like you need to undergo a thorough exam, your blood pressure, EKG checked, and have a full panel of tests for blood glucose, thyroid,etc.

Steve Drabek answered. Too many things?? Ddd is arthritis of the spine and we all have it to a certain extent and numbness of hands and feet at 26yrs old Bernard Seif answered. Numbness in: hands and feet MAY be from pinched nerves. Please see your doc who can check you for diabetes and perhaps refer you to another doctor if needed. Tracy Lovell answered.

It could be : It could be a pinched nerve in your neck affecting your hands or it could be an arthritis in your hands or you could have a diabetic neuropathy.

A Verified Doctor answered. A US doctor answered Learn more. You may be in: the early stages of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Do you use both hands in a repetitive motion for hours a day like typing or repetitive assembly work? People also searched for: What does it mean when your body goes numb. What does it mean when your fingertips go numb. What does it mean when your thigh goes numb. What does it mean when your face goes numb.

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