What does a womans vagina taste like

what does a womans vagina taste like

SEALED SECTION: Eight men reveal what you taste like during oral sex.

Aug 26, A healthy vulva which includes the labia and vaginal opening tastes and smells like a healthy vulva. That is to say, it might be sweet or sour, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. It might even. Sep 27, To be honest, I can really only speak to the taste of my partners vagina, although I have tasted myself on occasion. Its slick and thicker than water, but its not thick. Its a little salty but.

What Does a Woman Taste Like? November 18, PM Subscribe However bizarre my inquisition, for those men and women who have 'been down,' and eaten the proverbial flower, what have your experiences been like? What does it taste like?

Men taste like skin and smell a bit earthy. So what do we taste like? Have you seen this old thread? Yep the last time this came up the answer I agreed with was 'like a 9-volt battery' but usually without the shock.

I hate to be crass but allow me to get Inga Muscio and say: if you have the apparatus, you have everything how to groom a cocker spaniel need to find the empirical answer to this question. From my experience it was either: a Salty b No taste in particular c Smelled so horrible I didn't notice the taste posted by Autumn at PM on November 18, [ 1 favorite ].

Basically, like licking an armpit. But, in a good way. Response by poster: "I hate to be crass but allow me to get Inga Muscio and say: if you have the apparatus, you have everything you need to find the empirical answer to this question. Being down there and experiencing the texture, scent, etc. When I've tasted a finger, it doesn't taste like much to me. Can't really get a feel for it. Individually the flavor depends somewhat on diet and hygene. But a vagina tastes like a penny mostly.

A bit tangy and metallic. In the conversations and experiences I've had with women [and I really really really don't want to represent conversations and experiences other than my own here] cunnilingus is more intimate, or perhaps requires more trust, than PiV sex. Individuals of course vary. Tangy like bleu cheese. Slippery like okra. Musky like bourbon. Fun like an arcade. Best answer: This varies so much from lady to lady. One was very citrusy, and strongly reminded me of the first bite of phad thai with a lot of lime squeezed over it.

The exact edge of the citrus, refreshing and a bit surprising but not too sour. Another strongly reminded me of a very hoppy IPA. The smell, and even slightly the taste. I remember thinking afterwards exactly which ale it reminded me of, of which there might have even been an empty bottle on the dresser next to my bed.

She had a lot less "body" and depth to the flavor. Didn't hang around as much, and just generally had a completely different quality. If i was doing some sort of blind taste test it wouldn't have been my first thought that these were even the same thing. Similar, possibly, but it would have surprised me that they were variations within the same spectrum for the taste of the same thing. There was also a friend who was what is a faceted stone lot more musky like mikeand1 described.

Very "earthy" as you said, much more "oh, yep, sweaty body part" without as much of a unique twist to it. And there were also two others i can think of that the 9v battery, slightly citrusy and metallic thing perfectly described. Maybe with a hint of the slight just, human sweat smell. I also remember as a young lad, one of the first times i tasted it commenting on how little of a variation there was in the taste from erm, man fluids.

I guess we're all humans and whatnot, but it surprised me. The actual juices as you said in your follow up post just don't have that much of a taste to them, that's the salty part. The smell, as with most other things you'd be tasting, is a huge component of the taste as that's how your brain interprets taste a lot of the time anyways. The taste when your face is right there vs when you're just doing an oil check are quite different.

There's too much variation for that. Everyone seems to be pretty damn unique in this regard. Best answer: Oh, i missed an important paragraph there. It varies a LOT depending on where the lady is in her cycle as well.

And i'm not making any kind of "red wings" comment here. Each person has their own baseline, but different elements of it will wax and wane depending on where they are in that.

With some people it's a fairly surprising difference. Some not much at all. No lady seems to be quite the same every day though. Whereas yea, with guys, pretty much the same all the time assuming proper hygiene and whatnot. Makes sense though, with the varying levels of cervical fluids and hormones and whatnot flying around down there. Different women I've been with tasted different. The tangy 9v battery thing gets close.

I once described one partner's "taste" as Italian food if made by a Mexican chef. Peachy salad-dressing would be the best I could come up with. Tangy, and just a little sweet. The texture is very velvety and soft between the inner labia and generally y'know, skin like, on the outer labia. I have gone down on how to make face smooth and clear home remedies, but I have never licked a 9V battery so I can't confirm that one.

Tastes like licking a penny, or if their closer to their period, a nickle. Mod note: OP, please refrain from posting follow-up questions. You can ask a new question next week.

Contact us if you have any questions. OneHermit : " haha, yes, but it's not the same. No real taste or smell. Most other women, even freshly showered, taste moderately of the blood plasma that makes up most of the liquid content which is the metallic taste that people describe as being like a 9-volt batterywith a gentle layer of musk atop that that is part armpit the mons pubis has sebaceous glands like the armpit and feet and part its own - more fishy subjectively, in a good way!

Best answer: I have said elsewhere that a woman tastes, to me, like the inside of a warm, fresh-picked tomato, while standing in a garden on a warm August evening. In other words, pretty good. Best answer: If you'd like to approximate the experience of going down on a woman, without actually going down on a woman, my recommendation is: 1. Go to the store and buy a hachiya persimmon.

This is the acorn shaped kind, not the tomato-shaped fuyu variety. If you are in what is 10 am cst in est US you are in luck as they are in the groceries right now.

I bought two earlier today, and as it happens, every time I buy a persimmon I think of the following. Take it home and wait til it's ripe. This is important. Ripe is soft and jelly-like all over, under the skin. When you think it has gotten to that stage give it maybe another day.

If you proceed when it's underripe it will not only taste tongue-curlingly astringent which no pussy I have ever eaten has ever been and it will also not, um, impart the other sensory experience you're looking for. When it's RIPE, take a big bite, just like you're biting into an apple. It'll be ripe so it will be jelly like and sweet with nice mild persimmon flavor, which, win! Now, in the same spot where you took the first bite, go in for a second Sweet, slick, soft; the pliable flesh of the fruit caressing either side of your mouth; maybe even one of the nubbins of seed to give you a sense of a clit amidst the sensory delight of the opening.

Granted the taste is probably not an accurate rendering of the real deal, but if you're curious about the rest of the experience this can help you out. Yummy in many different ways. I think the most distinct flavor I can remember was slightly garlicky. For the rest, pretty much as has already been mentioned.

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Jun 30, If youre a woman whos never gone down on another woman, chances are, youve at some point wondered what your vagina tastes like when a guys mulling about down there. (Dont deny it.) And while its challenging to find a comparable flavour to that of the human body, these sometimes brutally honest guys have taken a decent stab at it (no pun intended) on this very Author: Nadia Bokody. Jan 12, Nectar, water, salt, and citrus, mingled with the scent of her hair and her skin and her sweat. It is intoxicating and heady, in all the best ways. If it tastes/smells like fish, she needs to see her gyno and get checked for bacterial vaginosis (bv). Aug 13, A healthy vagina smells like a lot of different things flowers isnt one of them. Due to a lack of estrogen, women in menopause end up with less vaginal mucosa, says Minkin.

When a guy performs cunnilingus on us, it can be pretty amazing both for the giver and for the receiver. Of course, guys do have their limits So long as there isn't an infection or lots of blood, I'm down for anything. I actually don't mind the taste and is part of the whole experience," one anonymous man shared.

Of course, we want to smell and taste our best for our partner. While performing oral sex may be about us, we want it to be a great experience for them as well. Plus, this comes down to an issue of personal pride, right? Who wants our date to think we don't taste as good as their ex? Most seem to like it quite a lot, of course, but just as anyone would, they do have their preferences for how to make things better for all involved.

You might want to take some notes. So, here's what guys think about the way it tastes when they go down on us. I like it if you like your own vagina taste , like when you [lick] my finger or kiss me after I gave you an oral orgasm or two. In an ideal world, I would choose shaved and clean; however, I do not discriminate because once I get in, I don't care what it smells like I just want it all over me.

I can only assume proper hygiene is part of it, but also, whether a woman has cleansed and detoxed and is healthy deep in her body in general. One really stinky girl smoked cigarettes.

I don't have enough experience to know if that was it, because I generally avoid girls who smoke, but maybe? Yes, at times there can be a fish-like taste and sometimes, a more bitter taste.

Other times there's a tad sweetness to it and I do like to taste a woman after a fresh shower au naturale. I don't need perfumey type oils or lotions added. Her scent is incredibly intimate. A sensation that is unique and recognizable, yet entirely secret. Naturally unpleasant is no good either unless there's a 'reason. An unpleasant vagina can really derail things. But if your vagina smells or tastes weird , that is indicative of a problem, the kind of issue you might want to see a doctor about.

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