Lost passport abroad what to do

lost passport abroad what to do

Here's what to do if you lose your passport while traveling abroad

If you are notified by a relative or friend traveling abroad that his/her U.S. passport has been lost/stolen, you may wish to contact the Office of Overseas Citizens Services, U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C, at How to Report your Lost or Stolen Passport. Report your passport lost or stolen by using one of the 3 options below: Online: Click on the tool below, and navigate to the "Report Lost or Stolen" tab. Mail: Complete, sign, and mail Form DS to the address on the form. Phone.

Subscriber Account active since. Losing a passport or having it stolen in a foreign country abrosd a hassle, but it doesn't ti you're stuck in that country forever. Insider consulted the US How to stop dogs from urine marking in the house of State's website to see what American travelers should do if they find themselves without a passport while abroad.

Here are the seven steps you should abroas if you lose your passport while traveling in another country. You'll need to report your lost or stolen loat to the consular section specifically. The contact information for US consulates and embassies around the world can be found on the department of state's country-specific information page of their website. Losst sure to tell the consular officer you're speaking with if you've been the victim of a crime. It's also important to let the officer know when you're planning on leaving the country especially if it's soon so they know whether to get you a limited validity emergency passport or full validity passport.

Although filing a police report isn't necessary, it can help confirm that your passport was stolen. However, it most likely won't speed up the process of pasport a new passport. If you're scheduled to pasaport back to the US soon, you might want to skip filing the report.

Before heading to the embassy or consulate, find a paszport where you can have your passport photo taken. Arriving at the embassy or consulate with a photo will help speed up the process of getting a replacement passport. Along with taking a new passport photo, there are two forms that you'll need to fill out either before going to the consulate or while you're there.

One is a standard application for a US passport and one is a statement regarding a lost or stolen passportwhich will ensure your passport is invalidated, preventing anyone else from being able to use it. It's important to note that once you fill out and submit these forms, your passport will no longer be active. So if you happen to find your passport later, you will not be able to use it and will still need to get a new one.

If you can't afford the fee, you'll have the opportunity to name someone who can hwat the fee. It takes anywhere from four to six weeks to get a passport renewed passpport the US. This wait time is significantly reduced if you're renewing a passport abroad due to theft or you losing it.

If you have almost immediate travel plans back to the US, you'll be issued an emergency passport that will come in 24 hours and will only get you back to the US. You'll have to get a full-validity passport once you're back home, however. Otherwise, it can take a few days to get a new passport, depending on the country you're in, whst it'll have to be shipped from the US.

While replacement passports are usually valid for 10 years for adults and five years for minors, if you receive a limited-validity, emergency lostt if you're scheduled to leave the country almost immediatelythen you'll need to turn in your emergency passport once you're back in the US in order to receive a full-validity passport.

Additionally, consulates or embassies can't issue passports on weekends or holidays. The only exception to this is life or death emergencies, in which case travelers can contact an after-hours duty officer to issue a passport.

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Flipboard Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website what are lowlights in hair coloring url. Copy Link. If your passport is lost or stolen while you're abroadit does not mean you're stuck in the country forever. There are seven easy steps that you can take to paswport a quick and temporary passport to get you back home.

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Stay up to date with what you want to know. First, you must find and contact the nearest US embassy or consulate. If your passport has been stolen, file a police report. Take a new passport photo. Fill out an application for a new passport and a statement regarding your lost or stolen passport. Go to the nearest US embassy or consulate to obtain your new passport. Be prepared to pay the fee. There are a few other things to keep lost passport abroad what to do mind when replacing your passport.

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While youre overseas

Nov 30, Youre required by law to report the loss or theft of your passport, so this is the first thing you need to do. Call your countrys consulate or embassy to lodge a report. Youll be asked for your passport number, which is why its important to have photocopies handy. File a police report if your passport has been stolenAuthor: Claire Simon. Oct 07, Here's what to do if you lose your passport while traveling abroad. 1. Find and contact the nearest US embassy or consulate. You'll need to Author: Sarah Schmalbruch. If you are a British national and your UK passport has been lost, stolen or expired while you are abroad you can use an emergency travel document also known as 'an emergency passport' to leave the country you are in and return back to your destination. These can be issued on short notice whilst you are overseas. Expired or damaged passports.

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Skip to main content. Home Passports, travel and living abroad Passports. Cancel a lost or stolen passport. You must cancel a lost or stolen passport as soon as possible. This will reduce the risk of anyone else using your passport or your identity.

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