Jazmine cashmere pregnant by what rapper

jazmine cashmere pregnant by what rapper

Jazmine Cashmere Pregnant By What Rapper?

Jul 31,  · By. Iva Naana. -. July 31, po** star Jazmine Cashmere is pregnant and word is the father is a popular NY rapper. There isn’t to many popular rappers in NY now in days so this isn’t going to take long to figure out. Knocking up a po** star is career suicide I can’t see any one stepping up and admitting that’s there baby. Jazmine Cashmere is allegedly pregnant by a Rapper from New York. According to some reports, the adult star is a few months pregnant and has even made public pictures of her baby bump. For all of you who have never heard of her before, then you must know that Jazmine has appeared in more than 80 adult films since and has even won awards for her performances in these videos and films.

Who is Jazmine Cashmere and why is every saying she's pregnant with rapper Jay Z's baby? It turns out Jazmine is a popular porn star over in England, but she currently lives in California. According to some reports, the adult star is a few months pregnant and has even made public pictures of her baby bump. For all of you who have never heard of her before, then you must know that Jazmine has appeared in more than 80 adult films since and has even won awards for her performances in these videos and films.

If this rumor is true, this will be Jay Z's 2nd child. This would explain why Beyonce has been acting so looney lately, and why that rumored romance between Bey and her bodyguard Julius seems to be heating up.

You can read Jazmine's tweets at 4bidnJazmine. We're sure she'll have a lot more to say in the coming weeks. Sandra you are really reaching!!! Ummm, how true is how to make a ghost boot disk that Jay-Z is the father? Jay-Z is not the only rapper from NY. Are you new?? If so. Having a baby by a rich DL man is one sure way to ensure you have financially secure future.

How you doin? No jazmine you need more people hunny. Ebony Says: Damn if this is true Bey is going through some sh! No matter how intensely private a couple is, they just don't seem like the real thing. I agree Like it's a busy arrangement. Jazmine cashmere pregnant by what rapper on the Grammy's when she said I love you, he looked like he had never heard her say that chit before. And she looked uncomfortable when she said it.

I think that "I love you" chit was a publicity stunt because of the rumors of affairs and break-ups. I really hope this ain't true cause I don't see Jay-Z getting even a mediocore deal if shiat goes down!!

Remember in Karrine's book she stated that while she swallowed him up, he wore like two rubbers and wouldn't touch her or look at her?

Well, he's older and wiser now so could we really believe that he'd go in with a adult movie star? Supposedly, Mathew didn't want Bey's image ruined by a rapper with a video ho baby mama but now that matty has the kid by the jump off, a baby momma ain't that bad. I mean he put a ring on it, he's changed his name for her, cleaned up his image, made sure he stayed above reproach and made up with Oprah.

But how much longer should he have to keep his kid under wraps when she won't give him any? By all accounts the boy is well taken care of. And he'll cite the same privacy he claims for why they never admitted they were togethter. When celebs give the paps just enough and keep it one-hundred with them they will tend to you leave you alone when asked and I believe Jigga sees the boy, too. Kelly doesn't count in this equation as she was grandfathered in when Tina had them come live in the Knowles house.

Google her. Oh Lawd!!!! The ish is about to hit the fan now!!!! This ish isn't cool even as a rumor I don't think Jay would put himself out their like that. He's no rookie. He's not sloppy like that. He's not Matthew. Princess Smarty-Pants Says: 2. Princess Smarty-Pants I see what you're saying, but you're assuming Karrine told the truth in her books. Now Karrine is an attention-seeking hooker and would do anything to get a buck obviouslyso she's hardly a reliable source. Matthew ain't no rookie either he probably was a dog for years But daughters are attracted to people who remind them of their fathers Not saying anyone deserves it If it is him Pass me so trynabeme.

I hope JayZ would be this stupid! But as someone else stated J and beyonces marriage seems like a business arrangement. It doesn't seem like it "flows", seems forced. Maybe its just a personal thing? BTW :newbie:. Sorry everyone i meant. Daisy will hand you your orientation packet. Bey: I am here to see if Shawn fathered a child I mean I need answers.

Bey: Ummmm I think they both were getting vaccinated I mean busy getting paid how she knows best Bey: Tell me right now And to all of you that keep saying Jay wouldn't be so stupid, well you know "Hova" is a what to expect after acdf surgery, he really isn't infallible like many on here seem to think.

You know Bey can't speak in complete sentences. Off topic, LovelyLady do you reside in the DC area? I am moving to the area in a week, and I have become turned off by the stories of rodents. I need some clarification for anyone on this board who resides in the DC area. I have been looking for how to transfer outlook contacts in Arlington and Alexandria but the comments on apartment ratings really have me blowed.

Please would someone share with me the best area to reside in the area. My time is winding down, and I am getting nervous, LOL. If Beyonce want to give him kids Women seek husbands who have traits like their fathers, as men seek out women who remind them of their mothers New folks Cutiechica, Im moving back there in a few months. The rodents aren't that bad, depends on the complex and area.

Im moving to Montgomery County, and no matter where you go the units are small, the price per square footage is high I will sit and wait jazmine cashmere pregnant by what rapper one out for now. I'm just saying based on their interactions that are captured on film, they are not that into each other at least not anymore. I get why they're with each other though, they really have met their matches career wise, but other than on paper, I don't see it. Hello my name is Pearly Gates you have to get through me to get to heaven.

I heard that line on a repeat of Desperate Housewives. I have been cracking up. Hey Ebony!!! Whats happening at the home front this weekend? This is my first weekend without my hubby. And what 2nd child? He don't have a first child. You're starting to believe your own gossip. I'm sure Bey isn't losing any sleep what are some alternative fuel sources for automobiles these rumors Well I's still lubs you.

A porn star?! Doesnt she rinse her mouth out with sperm in the morning? How the hell does she know who her baby daddy is? Heffa please Ebony When will he be back? Good chinese food as well as Jamaican is hard to find in the A. I need to ask Rene where she goes. I now see why you didn't link it.

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Feb 20,  · more images. NEW YORK (datmetopen.com)- Jazmine Cashmere,who is a famous porn star of the United States has allegedly got pregnantfew months ago and speculations since then have been going around about who made the porn star pregnant. Sources are now linking someNew York rapperto Jazmine Cashmereand saying that he is the father of the unborn child. Ever since the news of her pregnancy spread over the internet, people are getting more and more curious about the father of Jazmine Cashmere’s. Feb 23,  · bfp — February 23, 9. Rumors have recently surfaced regarding adult film star Jazmine Cashmere’s pregnancy and the father of her unborn child. Speculation has suggested that rapper Jay-Z is the father of Cashmere’s baby. While admitting that she was indeed six months pregnant, Cashmere set the record straight via Twitter, revealing that Jay was not the father of her baby. Feb 20,  · Now Jazmine Cashmere has provided clarity in a new twitter post. Jazmine Cashmere stating she’s pregnant but not by a New York rapper. Does that leave open . pregnant by a rapper from another state? She twitters “No I am not pregnant by and other rapper from New York.”.

Sources are now linking some New York rapper to Jazmine Cashmere and saying that he is the father of the unborn child. However, the picture of Jazmine Cashmere with her baby bump is circulating round the internet.

On the other hand, neither the porn star herself nor any member of her family has disclosed the identity of the man who has fathered the child. The porn star who belongs to Chicago has acted in more than 80 adult films so far. She has won many awards for her performances in those films.

She is now considered a veteran in the adult film industry as she has been there for more than six years now. She has been notoriously linked with many men before.

Many people are speculating that whether this pregnancy will cost the porn star dearly and lower her popularity as a porn star. She might lose the contract of many adult films. Others are saying that this might be a publicity stunt and the porn star is only trying to get cheap publicity out of her pregnancy.

As of now, Jazmine Cashmere is hogging the limelight with this huge publicity. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Share this page. Filed under: Entertainment. Discuss Bellow. Click here to cancel reply. Submit Please enable javascript and reload the page to submit comment.

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