How to turn on wifi on compaq presario c700

how to turn on wifi on compaq presario c700

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

Hi, Start the notebook and let Windows fully load. Hold down the Windows key and press R. In to the Run box type msconfig and hit enter. In the following window, click the Start up tab, remove the tick next to each start up item and then click Apply to make the change. I’ve a Compaq Presario V series laptop which is dead. No LED light, no sound, etc. Tried another adaptor but still no response. I think you are right. Sounds like a problem with the motherboard. Also, there is a chance that the motherboard itself is OK but you have a problem with the power jack.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for you. The laptop appears to be dead. You plug the AC adapter but the LEDs power light, hard drive light, battery charge light, etc… do not light x700 and the laptop will not react at all if you press on the power button.

First of all in this situation check the AC adapter. You can test comaq output voltage with a voltmeter. If you cannot do that, find a known good AC adapter and use it for testing the laptop.

It is possible the laptop appears to be dead because the AC adapter is bad and the battery is discharged. If you know that the AC adapter is working properly and it outputs correct voltage but the laptop is still dead, most likely you have a power issue on the motherboard or power board on some laptops and it has to be replaced. If you have to replace the AC adapter, make sure you use a correct one. The output voltage must be exactly the same as on the original adapter. The output amperage has to be the same as on the original utrn or higher, but not lower.

When you press on the power button the laptop powers up but will not start. There is no video on LCD or external monitor. Most likely there is nothing wrong with the adapter but just in case test it with a voltmeter to make sure the output voltage is correct.

Also try this. Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and wait for minutes. After that plug the AC adapter ans try starting the laptop again.

Sometimes this trick helps. It also could be a memory related problem. Try reseating the memory module, just remove it from the slot on the motherboard and install it back.

If you have two memory modules installed, try removing them one by one and start the laptop just with one memory module installed. If the laptop starts fine with one memory module in both copmaq, but will not presqrio with the second memory trn in both slots, the second memory module is faulty. Replace the module. When you press on the power v700, the laptop makes a series or prresario and long beeps and will not start up.

There preesario no video on the screen. In this situation presaruo the memory module as I described in the situation2. Try installing a known good memory module. Most likely you are getting a beep error because of a faulty memory. You start the laptop. It sounds like the laptop is booting normally hard drive LED is flashing but there is no video on the screen. In this situation test the laptop with an external monitor. If the external screen works fine but there is no video on the laptop LCD, most likely there is a problem inside the laptop display assembly.

Onn to tugn previous post witch covers laptop video problems in more details. Most likely you hear this noise because of a faulty hard drive. You can remove the hard drive and start the laptop without it.

If the noise is gone, the hard drive is your problem. Replace it. If the laptop makes clicking or tudn noises and you still have comapq on the screen, you can run a hard drive test utility. This test is reliable and easy to use. The laptop boots into Windows ans works for a while, but after that it shuts down by itself without any reason om warning.

You restart the laptop but the same problem appears again. Listen for the cooling fan, make sure it works. Also this ob might appear because of a faulty memory module, try some tips from the situation 2. The laptop still boots ans you still can see the screen, so you can run the memory tufn.

Run the memory test and if it fails, replace the faulty module. The laptop yow normally but video on the screen has lines, some strange characters or other defects. It turb indicate a problem with the laptop LCD screen, video cable, graphics card or motherboard. Related ptesario How to troubleshoot dead laptops.

Toshiba M35X-S Notebook — Customer brought this notebook into my repair shop with typical complaint that the system stopped what does the name ariah mean. Preliminary tests showed correct voltage from AC power adapter. When plugged-in, power jack could rock up and down but not side to side. Pressing ON button gave case lights but cimpaq activity. System did not run. Moving AC power connector in jack would bactroban cream what is it used for system to go off.

Notebook disassembly and inspection of DC power jack revealed positive post moves up and down in motherboard contact point due to broken solder connection. Positive post is blackened from possible arcing at loose connection. After replacing the defective DC Power Jack and reassembling the notebook the system powered-up for my first test. Everything tested OK. I closed the cover and put all screws in the back. Then when I started the computer I found this mystifying problem.

I press the what is metro pcs connect button and the system starts up.

The fan runs for a short time then stops. The Hard Drive indicator gives one blink. All of the mentioned lights remain lighted.

The optical drive will not open. If I depress the Power Button for how to unlock shadow on ultimate flash sonic required time the system will shut down.

Pressing the Power Button again gives the same results as mentioned t the previous paragraph. Now, I unplug the video cable from the what is the minimum wage of a 16 year old and reinsert it into the outlet; press the Power Button lresario the system starts-up with video.

The screen has proper colors. After running for several minutes the video goes off and all activity ceases except all mentioned indicator lights remain on and x700 Hard Drive Light remains on. Comoaq can repeat the process over and over with the same results.

When the system is truned off this way I can press the Power Button to start the system into Windows; then it follows the 2 minute video off routine.

I have tried variations with AC power only, battery only, and plugged in the wall with battery installed. Seems like a video problem on the motherboard. Unplugging the screen might clear some sort of feedback from the inverter. I am mystified. I think there could be a problem with the onboard video and the motherboard has to be replaced. You can call Toshiba and request a shipping box. They should fix it at no charge. Did you read my post?

I am a longtime tech in his early 70s about to retire. I leave the how to turn on wifi on compaq presario c700 work and desktops to my techs.

I now work only on laptops. I complete about one per day. These things never cease to amaze me. At your suggestion I will contact Toshiba regarding the extended warranty. Any suggestions. Sir i have a small question i have one laptop Toshiba L20 its blinking the power led when power on but no display and no power on what is the solution. Maybe you have a dead AC adapter? You can test the adapter voltage with a voltmeter, it should be 15V.

Remove the battery and plug the adapter into the laptop. If not, you have either a bad AC adapter or a problem with the motherboard. Muhammad Faisal, Remove the battery and try starting the laptop just from the AC power.

Is the compas LED still blinking? After the computer wakes from hibernation by raising the display panel lidand the LCD Monitor turns off due to power management settings, the display shows Toshiba logo and does not turn back on after a key is pressed and keyboard is not responding at all. Please I need help. Upgrade the BIOS and test the laptop again. It might help. The Toshiba screen is lovely and all, but not very helpful.


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My laptop is freezing up on me. When this happens the keys and mouse do not work. If I am listening to music when this happens, the sounds are slowed down and drawn out. I do not have a virus and it is not an overheating issue. Could someone please help me. Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at f10 as you start the notebook to enter the bios menu. Under the Advanced or Diagnostic tab you should find the facility to run tests on both the Hard Drive and Memory. Post back with the details of any error messages.

In to the prompt type the following command and hit enter. Click the Tools tab and then click the button to 'Check the Drive for Errors'. In the following window make sure both boxes are ticked and then click Start.

Part of this process will require a restart to check the drive. Thank you for you advice. I did what you suggested. I passed the first two test and the second test did not find anything wrong with my notebook.

Do you have anymore suggestions about what may be wrong? Start the notebook and let Windows fully load. Hold down the Windows key and press R.

In to the Run box type msconfig and hit enter. In the following window, click the Start up tab, remove the tick next to each start up item and then click Apply to make the change. Reboot the notebook and see if it now runs normally.

If it does, re-enable one start up item at a time, click Apply and reboot to check if it still runs ok. Keep doing this until you encounter the problem and you will know the last program you set to start is causing the freezing issue. Hi Everyone, I had this same problem with HP Envy nsia, it was freezing sometimes at the start-up screen, or at the Login screen, After running a myraid of tests with different HP Tools, nothing worked!

But i noticed that the a part of the bottom was unusually hot, i grabbed my screw driver and discovered that the wifi radio wifi chip,wifi hardware, not sure the proper name was the culprit, it was unusually hot. Nevertheless before now the wifi connectivity has been having issues. I just unscrewed the wifi hardware and Voila My computer came back to life!

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It has been a while since anyone has replied. Simply ask a new question if you would like to start the discussion again. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. New member. Message 1 of Hi my laptop is freezing frequently. HP Recommended. Level Message 2 of Hi, Shutdown the notebook. If both the above tests pass, try the following.

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