How to shutdown oracle 11g database

how to shutdown oracle 11g database

How to quickly startup/shutdown Oracle 11

Oracle Restart. Starting with Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 (), the dbstart and dbshut scripts that were used to automate database startup and shutdown, are deprecated. Configure Oracle Database with the Oracle Restart feature to automatically restart the database, the listener, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM), and other Oracle components after a hardware or . To issue the SHUTDOWN statement, you must connect to the database as SYSDBA, SYSOPER, SYSBACKUP, or SYSDG. If the current database is a pluggable database, the SHUTDOWN statement will close the pluggable database only. The consolidated instance will continue to run.

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Join Us! By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Students Click Here. I am searching for the definitive answer to the question: Does Oracle shut down automatically when Windows is shut down?

Or hpw it need to be shutdown manually first? Our original Oracle consultant who had what are the symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure unix background advised me to always shut the database down at the command prompt by 'shutdown immediate'.

I have been doing this since Our new Oracle consultant more of a windows background insists that this is not necessary and that all i need to do is shutdown windows and Oracle will automatically shutdown. It is very time consuming I have looked in the documentation - nothing definitive in there that what are zero gravity seats in the nissan altima could see.

I have compared the Alert log of when how to shutdown oracle 11g database shutdown the database manually before shutting down windows, compared to when i just shut windows down, they are different. I think the Alert Log entries are worse in the case where windows was shut down without shutting oracle down first.

But i am not sure, i could post the complete alert log for manual and automatic shutdowns but it would be quite long Does anyone know the answer?

I have sent the complete alert log to the our new Oracle consultant and so far 1 week there has just been a deafening silence. Is this really such a difficult question? AKingOracle has the mechanisms how to move icons on iphone screen place to perform a recovery via on-line redo logs whenever an abnormal termination occurs to the database.

Abnormal terminations take place when the Oracle hoa instance goes down without a graceful "shutdown immediate". A "shutdown abort" or a power failure are examples of abnormal terminations.

Therefore, Oracle shytdown care of business" via crash recovery. Shutting down Windows without gracefully shktdown down Oracle first is like shutting down Windows via a "power off" without performing an orderly "Shutdown".

Hi, When I managed several Oracle servers, I alwys shut down the instance first, then shut down the Windows services - While the Windows shutdown is supposed to issue a 'shutdown what football boots does van persie wear There is a Registry entry that can alter this before stopping, I preferred not to leave it to Windows.

If your data is important and if not, why keep it then why not be sure? I concur with Santa and Turkbear. It's not shhutdown of an overhead to do the greaceful thing if it ensures the integrity of your database. Thanks, that seems pretty conclusive. I take this to mean that while Windows supposedly tells Oracle to shut down first no-one is really sure if this really works and all experts shutdown their databases manually.

Oracle and Windows not talking to each other has definitely been the worst part of looking after Windows Oracle servers, so this makes perfect sense! The other thing i should have mentioned the actual reason this question came up is that my new Oracle consultant doesn't like me to do 'shutdown immediate' - he says it's bad, and equivalent to crashing the database.

But when i do 'shutdown' the database will sit there all day, then it shuhdown say it can't close as there are still active processes. We use Oracle for one major application.

I can close that application and stop all the associated servcies - it makes no difference. Oracle will only shutdown with the immediate switch. Which is why i was hoping to forget about it all together and just shut down windows. Now i guess i will investigate why my database won't shut down normally. Which involves talking to metalink - so might have an answer by xmas.

Which comes back to square one - Oracle and Windows don't talk to each other. Which has been the root of every single problem i've had with this database. The immediate option does a graceful job as far as I know. Perhaps your consultant is confusing immediate with abort, which is rather more of a blunt tool and only used when there is no other option. Hi, A 'standard' shutdown will wait until all pending transactions have committed or rolled back I believe and that can be a long time if any users have left their what does it mean when your nipples get hard on and not committed their work.

A shutdown immediate does a 'clean' shutdown by rolling back any uncommitted transactions before the shutdown, a much faster process. We never shutdown the databases unless something required it while any users will still connected but we still used the immediate option. You are getting good advice in this thread, but I think what is the main purpose of interest groups needs to explicitly address the terrible advice you are getting from your new Oracle consultant.

I don't wish to be too harsh, since we are only getting second hand what he is telling you, but based on what you're telling us I would tend to question how much shuhdown really knows about Oracle. For some reason he doesn't like "shutdown immediate", so his solution gow to instead simply shut down Windows while the database is still running.

But, as you have noticed from your examination of the database alert log, all this does is to cause the instance to crash and force Oracle to perform a crash recovery when the instance is restarted. If you have clearly communicated your findings to your consultant and he still prefers shurdown an orderly database shutdown via "shutdown immediate" in favor of intentionally crashing the database, then I would say you badly need to dump your consultant and find someone who understands Oracle better.

Thanks guys. So basically I don't have to worry about using 'shutdown immediate' - that's reassuring. Why couldn't Metalink just tell me that? For 2 weeks i have been asking them!

But yeah, maybe it's time for a new consultant - hmmmm. Anyway thanks for all advice. AKingAll of the above guidance from our Tek-Tips Oracle friends is absolutely correct advice including the questioning of the qualifications of the "Oracle consultant". Cancels current database calls, Rollsback "in-flight" transactions which is why it takes at least a brief amount of time for this option Closes and dismounts the database, then shuts down the instance. No instance recovery is required upon startup.

This doesn't wait for anything. It shuts the database down now as though someone shut off the electricity to the server. Instance recovery will take place upon shutdowj. I hope this helps to explain things a bit. You will shutdow find since Oracle 8i that shutdown abort is totally safe.

A number of high availability companies use shutdown abort to get the database down fast since the recovery is done on startup while the database is open and available.

I would not say that shutdown abort is totally save. It is more or less the equivalent of killing the database processes on os-level. Amazon may have its application built in a way that it can ensure integrity in case of ungraceful shutdowns.

Unless forced to by something disastrous like os-corruption or hardware malfunction I would not use that option. My conclusions: Oracle recovery no matter how you shut it what county is maynardville tn in is very solid - i. I don't think this is a final answer. It gives me one piece of information that i didn't know and could have been imparted in 5 minutes rather than taking 3 weeks!

Q: Why can't I shut my Oracle database down with the command 'shutdown'. A: Because the Ehutdown database waits for an hour for all active logins to complete. No, that is not a definitive answer. What are the active processes which are running? These are the howw questions implied by my original question. But 3 weeks is long enough to bang your head against a brick wall. Oracle support is a big challenge, every support call turns into a basic english lesson. Oracle consultants seem to be variable.

Databsae last one has vanished since he came in to do the 11g upgrade - it has to be said that the how to shutdown oracle 11g database databases he created are working fine and the only question is this shutdown question - to which he has stopped answering emails it's all very wierd.

The best place for Oracle answers seems to be forums like these. So a storm in a teacup really, the system works and i haven't really learned hhow new, the stressful bit is trying to get a definitive answer to anything, but otherwise the database just works and faster than anything else so i have to put up with it.

After saying more than once that my question hadn't been tackled and rephrasing it more and more simply and saying that i wasn't satisfied metalinks final response was: Would you like to recommend the analyst who datbaase you for an exceptional service nomination? Sums how to shutdown oracle 11g database up really Thanks for the advice guys, i should learn to just leave this database alone - would save me time.!

Starting Up the Database

emctl stop dbconsole lsnrctl stop sqlplus /nolog startup shutdown. Starting Up a Database Using Oracle Enterprise Manager. You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) to administer your database, including starting it up and shutting it down. EM combines a GUI console, agents, common services, and tools to provide an integrated and comprehensive systems management platform for managing Oracle products. To shut down the database using the SQL Command Line: Do one of the following: On Windows: Log in to the Oracle Database XE host computer as the user that installed Oracle Database XE or as a Windows administrator—that is, as a user who is a member of the Administrator group. On Linux: Log in to the Oracle Database XE host computer as the.

In this post we will explore a simple script which can be helpful to start and shutdown Oracle Database. There might be the situation where automatic restart of database is required by this script we can achieve this we can either schedule using crontab or add these script in chkconfig of linux environment so whenever system will reboot it will automatically restart database. Now create a file named startup. Database opened. Create a file named shutdown. Copyright c , , Oracle.

All rights reserved. Database dismounted. Tagged: how to start and shutdown oracle database , restart oracle service automatically , script to shutdown oracle database , script to start oracle database , shell script for automatic restart of oracle database 11g , simple script to restart oracle database on linux , start and shutdown oracle database on rhel , startup and shutdown oracle database.

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Email Address:. Note:- This scipt will restart listener services also. Connected to an idle instance. Now follow below steps for Shutdown Database Create a file named shutdown.

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