How to setup dstv xtraview

how to setup dstv xtraview

**Xtraview Setup Help**

If you are only linking two decoders and your XtraView set-up includes a DStv Explora, we recommend making it the primary one. That will make it easier to add a third decoder at a later stage. Customers normally prefer to have the primary decoder near the TV on which they do the most viewing. Aug 23,  · This video demonstrate Dstv Extra View Installation With Dstv Explora And HD Decoder Plus Smart LNB.#dstv #gotv #pbtecknology _____.

Extra View Installation gives you the ultimate flexibility and settup you to link two or three decoders under the same subscription. This lets you cater for everyone in your now. When ExtraView is set up, you can watch sport in the lounge, while the younger kids watch cartoons in the bedroom and the rest of the ztraview watch movies in the TV room. ExtraView is guaranteed to keep the whole family happy. Extra View also dtraview Dstv subscribers to record different shows at the same time on separate decoders.

Dstv Extra View Heartbeat is the communication sent every 30 seconds from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder s. Secondary decoder s must not lose the Heartbeat for more than 3 minutes because they will stop showing pictures.

There are so many different ways of connecting Dstv Extra View. These ways are determined by the types of decoders or installation type that you uow. It is recommended by Multichoice to use accredited installers when connecting to Dstv Extra View Setup. Therefore, this is one of how to do pose turns smartest ways of connecting Dstv Extra View because you will be using one cable. However, when connection how to make terms and conditions legally binding combination of latest decoders and old decoders a heartbeat cable s or Xtravies s are needed.

Heartbeat Cable is the coaxial cable dstv white cable dst links the Extra View decoders. So that there will be a communication between primary and secondary decoder s. The communication between the decoders is needed to ensure that you only pay for one subscription. It is mainly used when connecting old decoder models with RF ports. Diplexers are used to combine signal cables and heartbeat cable into one cable to reduce cables in an Extra View Installation.

It is more useful in homes that are already wired with one cable because it eliminates the need to install a second cable. Then, they will go xtrzview the diplexer so that they will combine into one cable which will hoe to the Smart LNB. All decoders are ExtraView capable, although older decoders can give problems when linked with new models because of software upgrades, so please check the possible decoder combinations at dstv. Skip to content. Extra View Installation.

What is 3rd Viewing Setup? Third Viewing is a situation whereby you link 3 decoders in an Extra View Setup. In a 3rd viewing environment setup, the Dstv Explora will always be installed. In addition, the Dstv Explora must set as the primary dtv decoder. The Primary decoder communicates with the secondary 1 and secondary 2 through Heartbeat. What is Heartbeat? How many ways xtraveiw Connecting Extra View? Call Us Now. How to connect Dstv Extra View using Diplexer? Which decoders are compatible in Extra View Installation?

What are the advantages of connecting Dstv Extra View? Extra view saves you money how to maintain a twist out on relaxed hair you can have an additional viewing environment without paying an extra subscription. Each room connected to Tl View will have access to all live TV services independently.

You can record up to 3 different live channels at the same time whilst watching 3 more different channels. More so, you can change TV channels independently without disturbing other viewers. Why you should hire Ultra-Technologies? Some of the questions we'll ask when you book for Extra View Installation.

How many decoders, you want to be connected? Is it a new installation, or you have an existing installation? What type of decoders do you have? Do you already have the decoders, or you want us to come with? Are you having your own satellite dishor you are using a communal dish? Or else, you want us to supply a new dstf dish? Do you need us to install Extra TV How to manage difficult but talented employees What time are you available for us?

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Sep 25,  · With the Extra-View/XtraView feature, DStv allows you to watch multiple DStv programs simultaneously, in different rooms. This means that the kids can get to watch the cartoon in the bedroom, dad can enjoy the game in the lounge and mum can keep up with her favourite soap opera in her bedroom all at the same time. Feb 08,  · DStv XtraView service cable connections guide. How do you connect DStv Explora cables? If wondering how to connect DSTV Explora with extra view, note that the company recommends that you acquire XtraView capable decoders and contact accredited installers for the proper working of the service. With extra view service, it is now possible than. Dstv Smart LNB is the eye that you see mounted on Dstv Satellite Dish, where the signal cable is allows newer models of Explora and HD decoders to be connected in Extra View setup without a Heartbeat addition, Heartbeat will be sent through the signal cable via the Dstv .

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Zarathustra Start date Feb 27, Zarathustra Expert Member. Joined Aug 7, Messages 1, Okay, so I installed the twin LNB. Now, I'm struggling with the heartbeat. The heartbeat cable is connect to [RF In] on both sides, but no actual heartbeat being picked up.

While setting up with Multichoice, I had all channels available before the Pin Code was transmitted after that nothing. Joined Jan 16, Messages 12, Zarathustra said:. Click to expand Joined Aug 10, Messages One must be RF in and the other RF out McGuywer Executive Member. Joined Jun 28, Messages 6, I had a an E16 error on the Secondary Decoder after the Multichoice configuration was done.

Restarting the devices didn't help. There was also no heartbeat. Just to answer the questions posed by people trying to help me. By the way, did the entire installation myself. Can hardly walk today, but apparently it was all worth it. Great stuff! I rather learn the stuff and know how to fix in the future than pay someone. Joined Feb 13, Messages 8, That way I get to see all my decoder channels throughout the house.

My decoders are in the same room. That heatbeat is very sensitive to heat, and will not transmit properly if the two decoders are on top of each other.

Joined Mar 10, Messages Following the last firmware upgrade, any combination of ports can be used for a heartbeat. The main factors to consider prior to choosing the ports is: 1 If there are more than 2 viewing environments, the cable run between the "open" RF Out port to be used for connection of the 3rd, 4th, etc.

I'm in the process of uploading drawings of XtraView combinations, to assist the "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts. Once completed, I'll post the site address on this post.

RodgerTheDodger New Member. Joined May 15, Messages 2. Good day Good people, I have been struggling getting heartbeat to work on my Xtra View setup. The latter supposed to be heartbeat. All 3 decoders in 3 different rooms but only one plays all channels, Primary and two Single View "waiting for comms from primary" Please assist, the installer guy reckons I'm too remote and I feel that I'm closer to the solution. Some Miltichoice technical consultants just tell me to bring in the Accredited Dude, who is nowhere close to where I live.

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