How to reveal anonymous on ask fm

how to reveal anonymous on ask fm

Safety Tools

There is no ASKfm tracker and there will never be one. We take anonymity seriously and we guarantee that your identity will remain anonymous after you have asked an anonymous question. Please be aware of other sites, apps or programs that claim they can help you track other users - THEY CAN NOT. Everytime you post your question you can choose to ask anonymously or not. If you want to ask openly, just tap on icon and it will change. Was this article helpful?

ASKfm is not for children under Please do not lie or change your age to use our service. Our age restrictions are in place for a reason, and it is with your sak in mind that we uphold these limitations. Refer to our Terms of Service for more information. Respect is the foundation of our community.

Also, remember that sarcasm and other forms of humor may seem funny when joking around in person with friends, but they can sound mean in the digital world. Negative content posted online can have lasting consequences, and ASKfm does not support any form of cyber-bullying or harassment.

If you see any posts that you believe may be considered cyber-bullying or harassment, please report them directly to us. We want you to take your own safety seriously. Please recognize your own personal boundaries and reach out to us when you need help.

Never hesitate when it comes to your own safety and self-esteem. Do not tell anyone your password! Your password is the key to your account, so make sure to protect your account by not sharing your password with anyone even your closest friends.

Do not post your password or any private information on ASKfm or any other website. Our safety team recommends creating passwords that are at least eight characters in length and include a combination of symbols, capitals, and numbers. Please do not choose passwords that will be easy for others to guess. We also suggest that you anonumous your phones, laptops, and aonnymous devices with passwords of their own as an added precaution.

Remember that anything you post on ASKfm is publicly viewable. It is especially important to make sure you do not post any private information, including your full name, address, phone number, and other details that people could use to identify you. This includes photos and videos!

These include depictions of graphic violence, nudity, and other content that could make ASKfm a rveal open and welcoming place for everyone. Inappropriate content may even become a legal matter, and ASKfm will cooperate with law enforcement ssk help too our users.

If you see any content question, answer, photo, or video that you think does not belong on ASKfm, please report it to us!

To report a post, click on the flag icon to the right of any question or answer. Then, just choose the right category and submit your report! You can also block another user completely. This means that other user will not be able to send you any questions in the future. You can do this by clicking on the block icon next to the report flag. You can rm someone any time. Just go to Settings, and then look up your blacklist for the current list of users you have blocked.

In fact, questions from other ASKfm users only show up on your profile when you actually answer the question they ask. If you do not answer, these questions do not appear on your profile — ever. And remember, you can always block specific users and the ability of other users to ask you anonymous as, any time. When it comes to cyber-bullying, victims are never responsible.

ASKfm takes cyber-bullying very seriously, and we are here with you to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. You just need to communicate with us. When someone says something that bothers you online, it can be tempting to join in with their negative comments or respond back in a hurtful way. Instead, reach out to us and rely on your trusted friends and family members to support you. Most importantly, never keep cyber-bullying a secret. Be wary of links that take you away from ASKfm, especially when they require you to log in or provide any personal information.

Hackers can gain access to your electronic devices and personal data this way. You may encounter websites or apps that claim they can reveal the names or profiles of the users who have asked anonymous questions. They request that you enter your email, password or other personal information — or they ask you to download software on your computer or mobile device. DO NOT fill out any forms or download anything how to find an alternative healthcare practitioner your computer from any website that claims they can reveal anonymous askers on ASKfm.

They are trying to trick you into revealing your private information or into downloading malware or tracking software. Instead, report it to the ASKfm Support f. If you believe your account has been compromised, please contact us so we can help you re-secure your account.

Make sure you how to replace trim around a door a secure Internet connection and updated security software. Hackers can potentially see everything you type over unsecured networks.

Make sure your anti-malware software and operating systems are current at all times, and always log out when using unsecured WiFi networks. It is important to research new friends online, communicate with parents and those you trust most about new relationships, and arrange first-time meetings in the presence of other friends and adults in public settings.

Remember to do your own research about what you see and avoid content the makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. ASKfm prides itself on the fun experiences we offer; however, it is important to consider your own beliefs and be discerning when it revesl to information posted online. If the FAQ does not answer your question, feel free to contact us directly through the Contact Us form on the bottom of the page.

We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours. If you have a problem with another user, or with something another user posted, you can always report that content to ASKfm by using our report function. We evaluate ALL reports, and we will do our best to solve the situation. You also always have the what is a multi- view drawing to block another user and prevent that person from sending you any more questions.

If you are having problems with something xsk someone on ASKfm, it can be helpful to talk to a parent, guardian, teacher, or another adult who you trust. It can also be anonymoud to talk to a trusted adult if you find yourself in this situation.

If you think this is an emergency, please contact your local law enforcement. We care about your opinions. We care about your experiences. We care about you.

You cannot use ASKfm if you are under Respect others. Respect yourself. Tips for Staying Safe Online: Keep your password and other private information safe. Think before you post. Do not post anything inappropriate. Learn to use our report and block features. Control the questions from other users that appear on your profile. Take a stand against cyber-bullying. Be aware of phishing scams. If you believe your account has been compromised, please contact us so we can help you re-secure your account Make sure you have a secure Internet connection and updated security software.

Avoid face-to-face meetings with unknown users. Be cautious of what others tell you online. Contact ASKfm whenever you need help. Remember that ASKfm cares.

1B. Why do I need to read and accept it?

Ask fm revelar. Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast!. Aug 11,  · Download Page > Alt. > It seems a lot of you guys have been asking for this one for a while. Ask Tracker is a t. When you write a question to your friends in app, you will notice under the question section where it says “Ask anonymously”. You can change these settings by just tapping on the owlcat and it .

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Time to ask! Have you missed long and thoughtful communication?

Maybe you are looking for small talk? Check out Chats on ASKfm! Start chatting right away - just ask another question under any answer that caught your attention. Stay anonymous or ask openly - it is still up to you!

As soon as you have your question sent, it will immediately appear under the answer it is addressed to. Anyone can join the chat and keep a discussion going. Let's chat on ASKfm! What is hidden in the secret ASKfm app? Ask anonymous questions or do it openly, more than 40M people are waiting for your questions.

Hide behind the anonymous mask with just one swipe, ask something and be ready to hear the honest reply. Ask people around via Shoutout and make friends with strangers nearby.

Answer questions from your friends, classmates, or strangers. Are you sure, you are ready, to be honest? Make your profile brighter by adding photos, videos, or gif to your answers. You are more creative than you think! Check your wallet for ASKfm coins in it! Who needs likes, if you can earn coins for your answers? Check who earns the most and challenge your friends in the weekly coin race. We have some special cards up our sleeve!

Join the VIP program to get early or even exclusive access to special features, backgrounds, and promotions. Believe your answer is more than just interesting? Set the price with premium feature Secret answer and get the coins each time, when someone wants to know the truth about you! To learn more about the VIP program write our team via partners.

Still, have some doubts? Like to choose this or that? Check the Versus tab and give your voice to the best options or create your photopoll to hear the thoughts of others. You can sign in via email, Facebook, or Vkontakte. Ask anonymous questions or do it openly, answer questions from your friends, classmates, or people nearby. Reviews Review policy and info.

Small bugfixes and UI improvements. Enjoy your ASK being the same but somewhat better. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

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