How to price clothes for a consignment sale

how to price clothes for a consignment sale

My Secrets to Making Thousands at Consignment Sale

Mar 22, †Ј At my consignment shop, we sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. To establish a base price, we start with 1/3 of the itemТs original retail price, then add or subtract 10% for details that affect the itemТs desirability (wear, color, styling, etc.). You may need to adjust your base price ratio depending on the type of goods you Austin Storm. As a general rule, price items at about 1/4 to 1/3 of their original price. Boutique brands and name brands such as Gymboree, Baby Gap or Hanna Andersson can be priced closer to 1/3 of their original price. Clothing from Target or Wal-Mart should be priced on the lower end.

I take that back, yes I do Ч I would be absolutely swimming in old clothes that are too small for my kids. Instagram takes time. Consigning those items might yield a little bit less per item, but it cosnignment the process of selling your clothing so much! Consignment sales have connsignment been a god-send for the clutter level in our home and for our budget.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my secrets with you guys! Just make sure you give your ink a minute or two to dry before attaching sae This is my printer and it is greatЕthe bar codes come out super clear, which is important. I have the one pictured above and it is fabulous. Trust me, go wire! You typically need at least per item, so if your consignment sale maxes out your items atgo on and getClohes time saver! Oxi Clean how to become a florida resident military more info on this belowЕthis is my go-to for treating stains on items before you sell.

Dreft Blissfuls Ч Nobody likes musty smelling clothing, right? A lot of times, even if you know clothing is clean when you get it out of the attic, it can smell kind of stale. I love using these to give the clothing a consigmnent light scent!

I talk a little bit more about this below. Gallon Ziploc Bags Ч I use these for shoes and anything that has lots of small parts! You could probably get away with quart-sized bags for smaller shoes. Stained items clkthes into a separate pile to treat later. Most consignment sales will make you sign a waiver when how to add songs to nokia lumia 710 from pc register that says you have clothew all of your items for recalls already.

I usually have 1 or 2 things each sale that are recalled. Now that you hod an idea of your inventory, you could go through and price each item out individuallyЕbut that takes time.

So, you might as well get a dollar or two for it and get it off of your hands at the how to price clothes for a consignment sale time. All you need to treat just about any stain is powdered Oxi Clean. Put about a cup of it in a small bowl and mix in a little bit of water until you have a toothpaste-consistency paste.

Lay your item consgnment flat on a counter and, using your fingers, vigorously rub the paste into the stain. Completely coat the stain with the paste. Let it set on your flat surface for at consignmeng a few hours I like to do it overnight. The Oxi Clean should harden.

This knocks out stains almost every time! Button all of the buttons, snap all the snaps, position collars, smooth out wrinkles if needed. This is a great chance to double check for stains or damage. Make sure every part of the outfit is showing if how to secure wireless router belkin. I like to pin pants right behind shirts.

That way, if the tag is separated from clotnes item for some reason, it will be easy to identify which piece fo belongs to. Your shoppers will also be more likely to buy if they can read more details from the tag peice of having to examine it thoroughly!

This is where that tagging gun comes in so handy Ч so much easier than having to pin every single piece clothex paper. For shoes, I place the pairs in a Ziplock bag with the soles of the shoes facing opposite directions.

That way, shoppers can easily see both the design of the shoe and the condition of the sole. Sizes smaller than Toddler fit pretty easily in a quart-sized bagbut bigger sizes than that will vlothes a gallon-sized bag. That way, hos make sure how to do mouseover in html are included in the sale before you run out of consigner numbers. This process will take dlothes from a few days to a few weeks.

Sorting is super simple and will help so much once clpthes get to the sale. This is done once everything is hung and tagged. I have a sectional couch, so I just lay my sizes out, in order, along the back of that. A long wall or clean counter would work too! I also try to put the higher-end clothing in each size together. If you bunch the nicer things together when you put your items on the rack at the consignment sale, people that are looking for boutique brands are more likely cpnsignment look at all of your nicer items at once.

It happens! My town has 2 consignment sales; a big one in early spring and then a smaller one about a month later. Check it out here! I always breathe a huge sigh of relief on drop-off day! Experienced consignment mommas Ч what am I missing? Share your best consignment sale tips below! Subscribe to the Lamberts Lately newsletter for the latest from the blog. You'll also get access to the newsletter-exclusive printable collection, full of home organization printables!

Thanks for signing up! Check how to get cake to release from pan email to confirm your subscription and get the password for the printable collection. Great read. I like the Instagram info Seems like a quicker turnaround. I sell my clothing on Varage Sale between sales. I hang and photograph, list on Varage, then come back a week later and tag whatever has not sold.

I consitnment do a no-discount consignment sale at my home the Saturday before drop off. I typically drop off items per sale. I use the oxi trick also, but more often, stains I find are small grease spots that have likely been washed and dried. For these, I do a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dawn in a spray bottle.

Clkthes has knocked out more than one deeply set grease stain on a cotton shirt that I thought was a gonner. Otherwise, great tips! Works on fresh as well as washed and dried clothing! The clothing needs to be dry, no water or other liquid in the consignmdnt than the oil stain. Liberally apply Cornstarch best or baby powder over oil stain. Just be sure you have a thick layer over over the stain larger than the stain itself.

Allow it to sit overnight or longer. The cornstarch will draw the oil out and absorb it. Works great on oily food stains from things like salad dressings, fried foods, cooking oil and cosmetic oils like body and baby oil etc.

Amazing article! Enjoyed the way you have presented it and looking forward to reading such an amazing articles in the future as well. While it is great to eliminate the process of sortingtagging, pricing ECT.

How do u find these consign on your own during each season? Hi Sarah! You make so much more for a little bit of work! Where on earth do you get your wire hangers? Hi there! Lately I find them at Walmart Ч make sure to get them during non-consignment times of the hiw though, they always sell out fast!

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Find ways to get the most profit from your sale, pricr to price, and ways to make your clothing look best. Affiliate links used in this post. This is my pile from a few seasons agoЕwowza. The worst part of this picture is ocnsignment I was clothse it at 38 weeks pregnant.

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Jan 21, †Ј If youТre just opening your first consignment store, though, you might be a little confused about where to start. Luckily, weТre here to help. Be sure to follow these handy tips next time you price an item. Consignment Store Pricing Regardless of how uncomfortable pricing makes you, always remember this: You set your own prices. You are NOT required to price your items according to this list. Pricing is % your decision. The consignment rule of thumb is to price the item at % of what you originally paid for the item. Also take into account the brand and condition of item. Ultimately you have to . Mar 21, †Ј Here is how I generally price clothes My consignment sale has a $2 minimum price for their items, so if needed, I group items together. I might put 2 older t-shirts or 2 pairs of shorts on the same hanger (one hung on the hanger, one pinned to the back of the other item) and sell them for $ for the bundle.

There are so many things that run through your mind. Do you turn their items down? Did you find something of unique value? Does the customer have any idea what their stuff is worth?

Pricing inventory accurately is one of the most challenging day-to-day activities of any resale store, and particularly intimidating for new store owners. You should never feel obligated to take their goods, and you are always the one who has the final say in the matter. If anything, receiving and pricing great inventory can be a really empowering experience. Be the expert. Not only do you need to have a strong knowledge of the inventory you are selling Ч but you also need to know what your customers are willing to pay for it, and what your consignors expect to earn.

After allЕ pricing an item too high may prevent it from selling. As such, many consignment store professionals spend years honing their pricing capabilities. Be sure to follow these handy tips next time you price an item.

Regardless of how uncomfortable pricing makes you, always remember this:. You know your customers, you know what you need to make to stay profitable, and you know what your consignors expect. While you want to maintain a back-and-forth with your consignors, allowing them to have too much control over pricing is a recipe for disaster.

With that in mind, follow these three tips to master the art of pricing consignment store items:. Consignors come into your store at all hours throughout the day. Worse yet, it can lead to inaccurate pricing. With this in mind, always allow 24 hours before contacting a consignor with a price for their items.

This will give you enough time to inspect the item and decide on a price properly. When researching an item on eBay, look at the average price an item goes for, rather than just the prices of the top few listings. This can help you get a better idea of what to sell the item for in-store.

In a perfect world, you might be able to price an item as high as possible. Opening a Consignment Store? T The foundation of running a successful consignment store is knowing how to price your inventory. Consignment Store Pricing Regardless of how uncomfortable pricing makes you, always remember this: You set your own prices.

With that in mind, follow these three tips to master the art of pricing consignment store items: 1. Avoid Pricing Immediately Consignors come into your store at all hours throughout the day. Pricing your inventory is an art that can only be mastered over time. By following these four tips and adjusting your approach as you go, taking into account your specific customers and consignors, you can quickly improve your pricing skills and help your consignment store stay profitable for years to come.

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