How to make your own xbox 360

how to make your own xbox 360

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May 27,  · How to Make Your Own XBox Faceplate. Part of the series: Video Game Tips. Making your own Xbox faceplate is a brilliant way to customize your console. Feb 13,  · FragX has a how to on making your own Xbox case – “If you’re like me, you like to treat your console like the amazing piece of technology that it is.I became increasingly frustrated with the carrying/protection case options out there. I bought and returned several before deciding to take matters into my own hands.

For the ultimate immersive viewing experience on a TV, nothing beats an Ambilight. These dynamic lighting systems extend your screen by reflecting the on-screen content onto the wall behind. Not only do they look incredible, they also help to reduce eye-strain.

Unfortunately, Ambilight is an exclusive technology that's only available in a few Philips TV models. Before we tackle our DIY Ambilight, you should know that there are a few non-DIY options available to purchase which may be more suitable.

This gives a dynamic lighting effect without needing to intercept the HDMI signal. The control box is equipped with Wi-Fi too, so the LEDs function as a smart lighting system and even have a music reactive mode.

Certainly not a cheap option, and limited to playback from your PC the same as our DIY project belowthe Hue Sync software enables any color Hue lighting fixtures to be used as ambient lighting that reflects content on your desktop. To set this up, just create an Entertainment Zone in the app, position your lights, and download the Hue Sync app.

The overall effect won't be nearly as impressive as a pixel LED strip, but if you already have Hue bulbs, it's a quick way to see if you even like the experience of dynamic ambient lighting. Though it looks great in video demos, some people find it extremely distracting in real life!

First, a demo of what we're making. In case you're curious, the video playing is Electric Sheepa 3-hour long psy-trance trip. It's a perfect match to demonstrate ambilight technology. Of course, not all video is going to produce the same pleasing results. Many movies are just too dark, or are presented in a cinema format that results in black bars and consequently, no color data. I found the best results occur with bright, vivid colors found in most animations, as well as action movies with elaborate CG effects.

It's worth nothing that this DIY version only works with some software running on the computer side; it doesn't work with a generic HDMI signal. Each LED has its own chipset and single line is used for communication.

I used an old ATX power supply that I'd previously converted into a bench supply as a suitable 5V power source for this project, but you should calculate your own requirements at a rate of around 50mA, or 0. Let's test the lights first to ensure the power supply is sufficient and the basic communication is working. Your strip should have a breakout lead on one end, so use a male-female jumper wire. You will fry the Arduino and your USB port very quickly and irreparably. Instead, use an external 5V power supply for the strip.

Note that these strips have a specific direction in which the signal must flow, indicated by arrows. If you're connecting multiple strips, you may also need to re-inject the power midway to avoid voltage drop, but I found this was unnecessary with just 5 meters.

There's both an Arduino and Processing part to the project. Modify line 7 for the number of LEDs how to make a love heart cake have; and if you find the color how to make your own xbox 360 is broken, modify line See the FastLED documentation on how to calibrate to your strip.

Lastly, you need the Processing components from the Adafruit project what foods raise ldl cholesterol levels. For testing, open up Colorswirl. Again, modify the number of LEDs on line 29; and the serial device on line If not, try Serial. Run the app and with any luck, your strips will show a beautiful swirl of colors.

Note that you're not limited to Processing. Anything which is compatible with the Adalight such as Prismatik can also be configured to work with this, but we'll only be covering the setup procedure for Adalight in this tutorial. Pull your TV off the wall or turn it around, and measure up. I'm assuming you'll be sticking the strips directly to the TV, but if that's not the case you'll need to build a frame. Try to ensure you get a pixel directly in each corner, but otherwise this step should be easy.

Go ahead and cut the strip into shorter lengths - cut only between the copper pads where the dashed line indicates; and apply 3M double-sided sticky tape to each length.

If you need to leave a gap at the bottom due to a TV stand, do so, but make sure your strip starts on either side of that and not in the corner. You can configure those missing pixels later in the software side of things. Go ahead and stick the strips how to make your own xbox 360 the back of your TV, remembering that each strip has a direction that the signal must follow.

It doesn't matter which corner or which side of the TV stand you start from. To join the corners, simply connect each of the 3 pads to their counterpart in the next strip. What is brianna from meet the browns real name, applying a little solder to the wires before you attempt to join it to the pads is a lot easier. Leave the final strip as is - don't connect it back to the start!

Let's make what is there to do in san antonio tx we didn't mess up the soldering there - load up the color swirl app again and check.

Once you're happy, return your TV to the right position and tidy up the wires. Let's move on to configuring the software. The is the most tedious part of the project.

Each individual LED must be defined in the software. Load up Adalight. Each LED is defined as a set of 3 numbers:. If you get errors when compiling, it means you've missed a comma somewhere or have too many curly braces. Run the code and launch a movie with your favorite software. The debug console of Processing tells me my computer manages a good 15 frames per second that's the refresh rate of the LEDs, not the video playback.

Any modern computer should be able to handle that. There's a few more variables you can adjust such as minimum brightness and the fade delay between refreshes.

As ever, you're encouraged to read through the code, understand it, and modify. If all that seems like far too much bother, and you'd be happy with something less dynamic, have a look at our roundup of the best TV bias lighting kits. Add something extra to your home viewing with a TV backlight kit. Here are the best Ambilight and backlight kits available now.

Before joining MakeUseOf, he was a lighting technician, English teacher, and datacenter engineer. Philips Hue Lights Certainly not a cheap option, and limited to playback from your PC the same as our DIY project belowthe Hue Sync software enables any color Hue lighting fixtures to be used as ambient lighting that reflects content on your desktop. Share Share Tweet Email. James Bruce Articles Published.

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The Top 15 Split-Screen Xbox 360 Games

See how well critics rated upcoming Xbox video game releases at search Games Notable Video Game Releases: New This time, the year is , and the world is trapped in an endless war. Delve into World of Tanks' story mode on your own, or team up with up a friend to battle through a version of history where World War II. The Microsoft Xbox features a compact design that supports both vertical and horizontal placement. This console also supports various audio, photo, and video formats, including WMA, JPEG, and WMV formats. With a GHz IMB processor and MB RAM, the Xbox is fast, enhancing your overall gaming and entertainment experience. Jul 23,  · If not then make sure your NAND-X/J-R Programmer is still connected to your computer and the motherboard and the Xbox's power is plugged in. When it reaches 03FF it will complete. Now that this is done you can disconnect the NAND-X/J-R Programmer from your computer and your Xbox.

Home » Apps » Gaming. Who said you need to own an Xbox to play Xbox games? All you need is a gaming PC or laptop, a Windows 10, and a decent internet connection. And BAM!! You can load up most of the Xbox games in your system without having to spend a penny on your gaming console. The sole reason an emulator exists is to bridge the gap between other gaming devices and your PC.

Meaning you can play most of the games on your Mobile phones, Nintendo switch, or gaming consoles offers in your system. Xenia is overall the best emulator on our list. Released in March of with its first-ever Xbox game, Frogger 2 , xenia showed a lot of promise. Now, Xenia runs over 90 games, all of Xbox The emulator was easy to install and had smooth graphics. It is available both on and bit Windows operating systems. Yet, emulator features updated and improved characteristics than its predecessor.

The emulator is also available for bit OS. EXE made it to our list for its versatility. It runs both Xbox and Xbox one games. Developed with XNA on a. It runs by creating a directly executable file.

This eliminates the requirement of any virtual devices. Sadly, the emulator is discontinued by the creators. Xeon emulator only runs Halo game for now, and I would say the game is semi playable.

Many claim the emulator crashes in the middle of the game. Even though Xeon is multiplatform and can run on Windows and DOS operating systems, the program lacks to make a mark in terms of playability. And if you do not want the hassle of handling third-party software on your gaming PC, here is a simple solution for you. As I said earlier, Microsoft is on a mission to unify all its platforms. Your email address will not be published.

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