How to make a video podcast

how to make a video podcast

How to Start a Video Podcast: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

Jul 23,  · Editing a video podcast is not hard. All you need to do is cut out any unwanted parts of the footage, add some archival clips if needed, combine the videos from the secondary cameras (if there are any), and add the audio track. You might also want to create an intro and outro to use in every new datmetopen.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. Mar 26,  · The first and easiest way to make a video podcast is to just create a video with the podcast cover art. We do not recommend this method in most cases, because it is very visually boring and YouTube doesn’t like static content. Because YouTube is a visual-first platform, we recommend creating something that is more dynamic.

Video podcasts add a whole new level of engagement and entertainment to an already beloved medium. There are a few key differences between recording an audio and a video podcast.

The main difference is that you have to record both audio and video. That means you need to focus on quality in two areas, rather than one. But with a video podcast, you want to look presentable and professional.

You need to set your camera up so that everyone involved in the podcast is visible on-screen. A classic method is to have everyone sit on one side of a table, with the camera pointed straight toward it. The two look at each other, with the camera capturing a side view. This looks great, but usually requires an off-screen camera switcher to flip between views. You may also need some accessories, like tripods, switchers, visual stimuli, and microphone arms. Nobody wants to watch or listen to a podcast full of noise.

With a video podcast, you have to think about audio sync on top of all the other usual editing. You might have to edit in video clips if the podcaster is reacting to something, and you might have to edit color, contrast, and other general settings to get the best picture. You also have to put just as much effort as before into editing the audio, meaning, making it as clear as possible.

They have tools that let you resize video onlineand much more. You need a good title, a thumbnail, and some tags. The truth is, video what is the best way to clean up your computer the present and future of podcasting. People love having a visual component to their podcasts. What does a centrioles do you have a podcast going, turn it into a video podcast using the tips above.

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Mar 06,  · How To Create A Video Podcast 1. Capture the episode on video. If you plan to just use a static image for your video, your first step is to create 2. Edit the video. While cameras have the ability to record sound, it’s best to record your audio separately using your 3. Design a thumbnail Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Mar 05,  · How to make a video podcast: a step by step guide Step 1: Decide the type of video podcast you want to create.. Choosing the format you want your video podcast to take Step 2: Film or create the video you want to include.. If you’re recording a . Apr 28,  · How to Start a Video Podcast at Home. There are a few key differences between recording an audio and a video podcast. The main difference is that you have to record both audio and video. That means you need to focus on quality in two areas, rather than one. Set Up a Studio. With an audio-only podcast, nobody can see where you’re recording. You can record an audio podcast Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

A simple Google Chrome plugin to create, edit and share great videos by recording your webcam and screen. Upload and host your videos in an ad free environment. Customize player to match your brand and divedeep into view analytics. Automate video creation on your platform or app. Stable enterprise solution for high-volume video requirements. Video podcasting is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an estimated million growth in the United States alone by So, what's the fuss all about?

Video podcasts as a format, has lately emerged as one of the most popular ways to interact with audience.

This may sound tempting to you to start your own podcast, be it for business or avocation there is a complete math behind making engaging podcasts. To be successful at it, you need to do the math first- in this post we will discuss,. A video podcast is a series of visual and audio content that follows a theme. It is usually episodic and subscription based with a host. In simple words, a video podcast is a subscription to a recurring event.

A subscription doesn't mean it has to be paid; it's just an exclusive event. Like you tune into your favorite radio show at exactly 10 pm. A video podcast is generally streamed using streaming applications. Video podcast content is generally very affordable or free.

Therefore, a good quality podcasts videos are amenable to binge watching. A video podcast is a great way to keep your clients and investors in the loop. The best video podcasts can help a business build a relationship with its consumers directly, and boost brand loyalty. Any podcast that is audio based and has the video element to it is what you know as video podcasts.

Audio podcasts have been around for a long time, via radio and early internet audio streaming services. But there is a certain degree of allure to video podcasting. There is an emotional connect that comes immediately with a video podcast.

This is why it is such a successful industry. If you have the minimum budget for the set up and quality content, then video podcasts work better for every kind of business. There is a high neural response to visual stimuli. Video podcasts attract a larger audience, thus, and retain the audience efficiently. A consistent, good quality video podcast will give you a loyal audience.

As people tune in everyday, they develop familiarity with your brand. And that comes with a sense of attachment too. According to Google, over 1. Many more studies and reports show that video streaming services are more popular than audio streaming services. And, so you have access to a larger audience if you are video podcasting for your business.

This study is supported by the ability to share videos easily. Facebook and other social media see more video consumption than anything else. Hence naturally, the shares and likes are more on video podcasts.

The foremost challenge to start a video podcast is the topic selection. What you choose to podcast must resonate with your audience. The more you know them the better you will be able to address. From choosing a topic to naming your podcast series and recording it, you must define everything beforehand.

If you are doing it as a hobby- you can engage with a variety of topics but if it is segment focused, you must pick events relevant to current times. For instance, look at this topic for a parenting podcast.

This topic immediately breaks the ice and touches a nerve. To find good topics, research is key. First of all, define your niche. To gain instant following and kick start your podcast , you should begin by addressing your target audience.

So, ponder on it as much as you can, and figure out who exactly does your business serve? Once you have that in place, you should create video podcast that they would like to watch. Or what your target audience is already watching. You can use research tools to figure that out. An extremely helpful step towards addressing your niche is research.

There are many places online that will give an insight to your audience. Reddit No matter what your niche, there is a Sub Reddit for it. Unlike any other social media, Reddit focuses only on content.

It is a diverse community of people who like to talk to about things they like. You will find your target audience discussing various things. Since Reddit has a popular post filter, you can assess what your audience wants. Quora Quora has been effectively used by marketers to push their sales. With so many business owners directly answering questions, it is a credible platform. You will find a wide array of topics just through questions your audience asks there.

And, you can effectively answer those questions in your video podcast. You can pick queries concern your brand or anything related to your product, and use podcasts as a way of video marketing. Facebook Groups Facebook groups, like sub Reddit open up community discussions about specific topics. With a like dislike system, and a social handle backing; Facebook groups are extremely insightful and give you an overview to general gossip around products and services.

Even of your competitors. Twitter The Twitter advanced search allows you to search by date, account, people involved, words included, etc. It is the best platform to do keyword-based searches and see immediate audience response.

One great example above is a podcast about wonders of the world, that makes you question facts about the existence you were sure of, and this is their topic. It is just such a simple and attractive design that it attracts a wide range of audience.

This is anti-niche. It is supposed to attract a broader base, but it works for that kind of audience. So, knowing your audience and having a sensational or quirky headline usually works best to get good engagement. There is a wide variety of video podcasts you can make today. Even as a single organization with a niche audience, you will find, depending on the topic you might want to use different formats. To generalize, there are some five types of formats. Video podcast interview is the most popular format.

This type of podcasts videos generally involves a guest who can share insights about the topic of your video podcast. The Joe Rogan Experience is a free video podcast and one of the most popular podcasts. It generally runs an interview theme with a wide array of guests. The Tim Ferriss Show is another great video podcast about business that has a large audience base and a variety of guests in its interview format. This is also one of the popular video podcast formats.

Just like the video podcast interviews, a conversational podcast is about two or more people collectively sharing their insights on the topic.

However, unlike the interview format where there is a host, and the other is a guest, here all are hosts. Generally, according to the whim of the hosts, each of them play a certain role and add to the podcast. Another way here is, that one is an active host, other is relatively dormant and is there to provide commentary. If you manage all that, this one is a great way to reach out to your audience because viewers feel like they're part of a group. Here are some examples of Conversational Podcasts:.

The H3 Podcast is an Israeli American video podcast. It follows a classic conversational video podcast format. It has a dedicated viewership and is also published as only audio.

As the name suggests, this type of podcast is more subject based and usually runs with a single host. This is the monologue podcast, and it is quite common. A one man or woman show. This is how many new podcasters start, you just get your subject matter, and start. This is the theater of vodcast formats. It is simply a virtual theater. It could be a solo act, a medium production, or you could hire a number of actors.

Lilly Singh, a YouTuber, uses this format of video podcasting for her show to generate awareness about immigrants in North America.

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