How to hem your jeans by hand

how to hem your jeans by hand

How To: Hem Jeans by Hand

Nov 21,  · If you don't have a sewing machine (or don't want to bother setting it up!), then hand sewing is a great way to hem jeans. This hand sewing lesson shows you. Mar 18,  · Learn to Hem Jeans by Hand Supplies: Jeans (of course!) Thread; Needle; Scissors; Sewing Pins; Iron; Instructions: Step 1: Decide how many inches you would like to take off. Divide that number by two and fold the pant edge up like a cuff. Example: If I wanted to take off four inches, my cuff would be two inches long. Pin in place.

Visiting the thrift store down the street is yiur of my favorite pastimes. I uow hunting through the racks, looking for that one special piece. I love the uniqueness you can find when thrifting and, of course, the deep discounts. One thing that can be a little challenging no matter where you shop is finding something that fits you perfectly. This is especially true with jean lengths. While I am not short, most premium denim comes in extraordinarily long yourr which makes tailoring mandatory.

Since visiting a tailor kind of defeats the point of thrifting in the first place, I love this simple technique to hem jeans by hand. This method is amazing because there is no cutting involved, plus the original seem is kept intact so your jesns look brand new! Save yourself time and money with this simple tutorial. Yohr links are used in this article. For the Full disclosure policy read here. Decide how many inches you would like to take off.

Divide yohr number by two and fold the pant edge up like a cuff. Example: How to format external harddrive I wanted to take off four inches, my cuff would be two inches long. Pin in place. Using a back-stitch very easy — watch this Youtube video to learn howsew directly under the original seam.

Continue around the entire leg. Tie off and cut your thread. Fold the cuff down and iron flat. If the fabric inside falls down, tack it up with several stitches on the inside of the pantleg. Thank you so much. I just hemmed a pair of my jeans and they came out great. All the other sites made it look so difficult, yours was so easy to follow.

I need to hem dress pants with a cuff. Will this type of hemming work for doing that, and how, with the cuff? I have several different color jeans that desperately need hemming. Two questions: 1. Could you do this same trick of folding under, but use heat and bond instead of sewing? If sewing is best, will the thread color show or could I use the same thread color on all the different colored pants? Great questions! I have never used heat and bond products, so I am not sure.

As far as thread color, I would use the same color thread as the jeans. Hi Patricia, I am so glad you found my tutorial helpful! I he, the original hem in my measurement. I have hemmed 5 pair of jeans thanks what cell phone providers have iphones you!!! It is very easy once you do one yout I am so pleased that I found this tutorial. I am also amazed at the ease of hemming my jeans…I am also short and all of my jeans need hemmed.

The look of the bottom seam showing is perfect with this technique. I am jjeans grateful that I found You and your technique. Hi Rebecca, this is a very easy to understand tutorial! Do I still cuff at half the length? Ohh, I feel stupid.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Step 3: Fold the cuff hhow and iron flat. Comments Thank you so much. Hi Maggie, Great questions! Do you suggest a heavy duty thread? If so, what strength gy you recommend? Much obliged for this tutorial. Everytime I buy ejans jeans I have to google how to do this.

Thank you for your kind comment! I am so glad my post could help! Thank you Louise! For this method, jeanns you would cuff at half length. Yes Brenda! It would probably be easier then the flare leg in this post.

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How to Hem Jeans With a Sewing Machine

Jan 30,  · Join me for this quick tutorial that answers one of my subscriber's questions. How to hem jeans by hand, keeping the flare and original hem. No sewing machi. Apr 24,  · Here is how to sew a hem on jeans with the original hemline by hand. No sewing machine needed. My pants were too long and I didn't want to cut them. So, I se. Feb 12,  · First, try the pants on and measure how much shorter they need to be. Make a cuff half of that length and pin it. For these jeans I wanted to remove inches so pinned them at inches. After measuring around each leg, pin the cuff. Stitch in a line just below the bottom seam.

Joseph has had some too-long jeans sitting around for about a year. Then suddenly it came to me—of course I can hem them by hand! Note: I can not sew anything besides buttons. I just used a simple backstitch. This is one of the easiest stitches, and you can watch a quick video on YouTube to pick it up.

Of course, if you have a sewing machine you can always use that! This method is extremely simple to pick up, easy on the hands, and looks seamless. Keeping the original hem makes for a nice, clean look. All we do is make an invisible stitch just above the bottom seam and tuck the excess fabric out of sight. First, try the pants on and measure how much shorter they need to be.

Make a cuff half of that length and pin it. For these jeans I wanted to remove 3. After measuring around each leg, pin the cuff. Stitch in a line just below the bottom seam.

Make sure you are stitching through only two layers of fabric—not through the other side of the pant leg. Continue sewing in a line all the way around the cuff. Try to keep an equal distance from the seam, but the line does not have to be perfectly straight.

Keeping close to the original seam means your new hem will be less noticeable. You can see the small navy line of my stitches in the photo above. Next, fold the cuff back down. You can either cut some of the excess material leave half an inch or so for fraying or just tuck it up.

Iron your new seam! It took me about an hour to fix these jeans. After the initial measuring they require very little thought—work on some of your too-long legs while watching television.

Update: My husband has been wearing this same pair of jeans for over a year now, and the hem has held up perfectly! Wow, thank you for posting this!! I hate hemming pants because normally you need to cut them before hemming, which scares me! I used this technique with a sewing machine just now and it took me 20 minutes :. Thank you for posting this! I bought 3 pairs of really expensive jeans thinking I would be wearing high heels with them all the time.

When my foot feels better, I can go back to heels and let the jeans out. Thank You! This method is amazing! I hemmed them, and you seriously cannot tell at all, and they look so much better!

Thank you for this! I have a 14 year old picky son, and this passed the test. He is wearing his jeans now! Thanks so much! Thanks so much for posting this. I have just hemmed my jeans and I feel so stoked about it. I was nervous and was going to take it to a tailor but you saved the day and they turned out perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing this method. Again, thanks! Thankyou so much! I love the fact that you put the pics up as well.

It gave me more detail. Keep up the good work! Wow, this worked perfectly, and it looks so neat! I was going to trim it but was too nervous…what do you think? Tacking is just making quick, weak stitches that can be removed later. I folded it up and picked just a few spots where I would sew a little knot from the inside, of course to hold the fabric up.

But cutting the fabric out is definitely an option! Lets Win! Thank you. When I asked how to hem jeans, I never thought I would learn how to do it this way. Thank you this was really easy to understand, my mom was impressed when I showed her. Wow super easy! Recently she passed away and I had gotten new jeans.

So anyways…. Thanks so much for posting this! Can also provide quick tutorial on how to do tacking for the excess material. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Otherwise, how tough it will be depends on the thickness of the jeans.

Using a thimble will make it much more comfortable for your fingers! This saves me a trip to a tailor! And some money to boot :. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Thanks once again I can fix so many other pants now, too!

Thank you for making this easy! Just used this method on my husbands jeans and it worked beautifully, thanks for the step by step process. I did a really good job but there is no original hem left. I could use a color close to the original and sew on for an better look but my 17 year old thinks they are great the way they are! I have a pair of straight leg jeans, same brand, price and I will use this method this time but will be sewing by hand as my sewing machine needs work.

Any ideas about how I can make the first pair of jeans look even better would be appreciated! Thanks, Cynthia! Oh My Gosh! I can't believe how easy this was. I hand sewed and cut off the extra bulk pressed flat and Walah! Completed the project in under an hour.

This process makes no sense whatsoever. If you sew the cuff after you fold it up, how do you fold it down? By folding it down. Use your spatial imagination. The excess material goes outside in, getting hidden inside the leg. This will not work too well with skinny carrot tapered kind of jeans though.

Other than that, cool idea. Once them the hippy jeans come back, this is the way to go. Hello, I was just checking out your website and filled out your contact form. If you have an advertisement you would like to promote to millions of websites via their contact forms in the US or to any country worldwide send me a quick note now, I can even focus on particular niches and my charges are very low. Send a message to: Phungcorsi gmail.

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