How to have the best garage sale ever

how to have the best garage sale ever

12 Garage Sale Tips That Will Make You Money

The best days for garage sales are Friday and Saturday, but I have seen people set up on Sundays. What to sell at a garage sale Now, it is time to start pulling the stuff out and pricing it. Jul 29,  · 4 Tips To Have The Best Garage Sale Ever. First Option Mortgage, LLC > First Option Blog > 4 Tips To Have The Best Garage Sale Ever. July 29, Everyone loves garage sales! They’re an opportunity to clear out old things and make a bit of money in the process.

You've no doubt poked your way around a garage sale, yard sale, stoop sale, or some other collection of someone's "junk. Well, next time, you should reconsider. Garage sales, it turns out, can be the sites of some seriously valuable trinkets. Often, owners have no idea the value of the stuff they're tossing aside.

That was the case with these 17 items, which, through luck or smarts, were bought on a dime—and turned out to be worth a lot more than their price tag.

The Old Man and the Sea is one of the most famous American novellas of all time, ever. It's no wonder, then, why one man would have picked up the familiar title while perusing a garage sale. When he opened the book, not only did he find that this copy was an original print, he also found a personal inscription from the author, Ernest Hemingway: "To Carlton and Suzanna Tweed with best wishes always.

The buyer picked up the book for two bucks, but it's clearly worth much more. One Arizona man was sorting through his belongings before moving to a retirement home when he came across a vintage Lakers poster he thought might be worth something. But when Josh Levine, an appraiser, came by, he wasn't interested in the poster. Instead, an old painting caught his eye. After months of research, Levine learned that the painting's colorful swirls were the work of Jackson Pollock.

Ina record collector was browsing a sidewalk sale in New York, where he noticed a Velvet Underground acetate called "Scepter Studios. How to have the best garage sale ever one other copy of the record is known to exist and is owned by Velvet Underground drummer Maureen Tucker. Before he passed away, Tony Marohn was a self-avowed treasure hunter who enjoyed garage sale-hopping. Inhe made one of his greatest finds, though it wouldn't appear so on the surface.

Marohn's initial attempt to retrieve his 1. The buyer, Rick Norsigian what is derek jeter net worth them to be the lost negatives of the famous landscape photographer Ansel Adamsso he decided to hire a lawyer to help him sell the prints. Unfortunately, inHow to download music onto your phone filed a lawsuit against his lawyer and business partner over suspicion of profit withholding.

People often take to the internet to brag about their vintage video game findsbut the value of such games rarely extends beyond nostalgic. Buried among them was the gem, Stadium Games. At first glance, it might seem like your run-of-the-mill '80s-era fitness game. But it's actually one of the rarest video games in the world.

Nintendo had a similar game in stores at the time, and wanted to avoid cannibalizing their own success, so they pulled the game from stores. Only about remained—of which just 15 or so are thought to have survived.

Residents of Akron, Ohio, have a lot of pride for hometown boy Lebron James. The pendant she had passed off as costume jewelry was actually karat white gold and diamond-encrusted. An antique bowl sat in an upstate New York living room for years after one family purchased it at a local garage sale. When they finally became curious about the bowl's origins, an assessor told them the last thing they expected to hear.

Experts assessed that the bowl had been crafted by the Northern Song Dynasty and that very few equals existed today. Before The Shining became one of cinema's greatest horror filmsit was one of horror writer Stephen King's most popular novels. When one person spotted a paperback version of the book at a local garage sale, they were elated to find that the book had a personal note from the author, datedfour years after the novel had originally been published.

Along with the note, a picture of the author was stuck under the cover, leading the buyer to assume that the book's original owner had purchased the book at a signing with the author.

A woman in Huntington Beach was hosting a garage sale to get rid of some extra stuff she had laying around the house. Among the things she sold was a denim jacket.

At the time, she hadn't thought twice about the jacket, but later remembered that she had been hiding thousands of dollars of valuable jewelry inside and was devastated.

For nearly 30 years, a woman kept a cocktail ring she had bought at a London garage sale. The tarnished ring had a huge stone that made it look like costume jewelry, but when she finally decided to have it appraised inshe was shocked to find out just how much the ring was worth. The It can be difficult to tell whether a piece of old jewelry is worth something or not, especially when personal fashion taste comes into play. For example, when how to install openoffice in linux woman was given an antique brooch by her mother, she threw it at the bottom of a bag and forgot about it.

After being diagnosed with cancer, one sneaker-enthusiast was forced to sell his beloved sneaker collection to pay for his chemotherapy. Finally on the road to recovery, the universe decided to reward him at a garage sale. It's safe to say they went to the right buyer. At an estate sale, a person's life is essentially on display. A lifetime of belongings, of memories, and of history.

That's what one person found at a local when they how to have the best garage sale ever across three special editions of LIFE magazine from the summer of The estate owner had kept the issues pertaining to the mission to the moon. Coming across history isn't uncommon, but collector's items like this still hold great value. When he got home, he was sorting through the sketches to decide which ones to frame.

That's when he caught sight of a pair of bright red lips, Andy Warhol's signature, on the back of one of the sketches.

When an elderly woman of Cornwall, England, passed away, the entirety of her belongings went up for sale. An auctioneer came by the estate sale and noticed one statue in particular— a bust of a feline how to test thermistor on kenmore dryer had been sitting on the mantle for years—that looked older than the rest.

Upon closer inspection and research, the auctioneer found it had been connected to a man who ran an Egyptian antiquities dealership and that the bust may have been discovered by Howard Carter, who also discovered King Tut's tomb.

It dates to about B. A year-old boy was spending the weekend with his grandmother driving around what animals evolved from dinosaurs neighborhood garage sale hopping. Finally, at the third yard sale they visited, he found something he wanted: a vintage Polaroid camera.

Back at his grandmother's house, he opened up the camera to learn how to use it, when he discovered a photo sitting inside the film cartridge. When he went to show the photo to grandmother, she nearly broke down in tears. The photo was of her son…who had passed away 23 years prior. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to follow us on Instagram!

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Make some extra cash from the junk that's cluttering up your house by hosting a garage sale. These sales can be lucrative, but they can also be overwhelming, due to the number of logistics you have to consider. From preparing for your sale to closing it down, these tried-and-true tips will help simplify the process and allow you to make the most money for all your efforts. Garage Sale tips are on the agenda today. It will soon be spring and that, to me, is the best garage sale season of all. But now is the time to get ready for your garage sale (yard or tag sale)! I have some tips and tricks to have a successful garage sale the best one ever! A final word. I’m sure these best garage sale tips will help you: Get rid of ALL your clutter. Get the MOST MONEY you can for it. Avoid your garage sale becoming a never-to-repeat nightmare. Have your best, most successful garage sale ever. Good luck with your garage sale.

You'll find the best garage sale tips from my experience and from around the internet by first-timer's "lessons learned" through to seasoned experts. It doesn't matter if you've never had a garage sale before or you've been having them all your life, you're sure to find tips that will help you have your best, most successful money-making garage sale ever!

If you are just thinking of having a garage sale the first question to ask yourself is "Should I have a garage sale? And for fun The next questions are "What have you got to sell? Do you have enough to justify a garage sale? Do you need more 'stock' to attract more shoppers?

Then the all important where and when is it best to hold your garage sale to ensure it is successful? Perhaps you team up with your neighbors or community group and organize a group garage sale instead? While a garage sale can be thrown together in a week, it won't be a pleasant or profitable experience.

To have a successful garage sale needs weeks to get ready. There are things that need to be done 3 weeks before , then 1 week before then on the day before and during the day.

You will need to know the best garage sale pricing for How should you best arrange your garage sale and what will you need for your "shop". A garage sale won't be successful without paying customers so you will need to put up ads and flyers and signs for the street. Then on the big day, depending on how you are prepared, early birds can be a blessing or a problem.

During your garage sale, you'll need to offer good customer service , be prepared with good selling and haggling skills and be safety and security minded.

Having your kids set up a lemonade stand can be a great educational opportunity for them in dealing with adults, negotiating and handling money. And here are some freebies and garage sale t-shirts, aprons, caps, signs, pricing stickers, etc to help make the whole experience fun and successful. At the end of the day, after you have finished counting all your money, you may need to know where and how to donate any unsold items. Avoid your garage sale becoming a never-to-repeat nightmare.

Have your best, most successful garage sale ever. All the best garage sale tips to help you have your most successful money-making garage sale ever! These garage sale tips will help you: Get rid of ALL your clutter. What you will find here You'll find the best garage sale tips from my experience and from around the internet by first-timer's "lessons learned" through to seasoned experts.

Let's get started If you are just thinking of having a garage sale the first question to ask yourself is "Should I have a garage sale? You're welcome. Good luck with your garage sale.

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