How to fix hal dll missing windows xp without cd

how to fix hal dll missing windows xp without cd

Hal.dll is missing or corrupt: Fix for Windows XP, Vista, 7

Easy Recovery Essentials is guaranteed to fix the is missing or corrupt error automatically using its built-in Automated Repair option. EasyRE is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and can be downloaded and created on any PC. Download Easy Recovery Essentials. Apr 16, Since errors appear before Windows XP is fully loaded, it's not possible to properly restart your computer. Instead, you'll need to force a restart. Instead, you'll need to force a restart. You can do that by pressing or holding down the physical power button.

Causes of the "missing or corrupt hal. Additional causes may include a damaged or missing boot. This is a Windows XP error. Other Windows operating systems, like Windows 10etc. There are few ways that what are the good guys called in transformers "missing or corrupt hal.

The hal DLL "missing or corrupt" error displays shortly after the computer is first started. Windows hasn't yet fully loaded when this message appears. Restart your computer. It's possible that the hal. Since hal. Instead, you'll need to force a restart.

You can do that by pressing or holding down the physical power button. Check for proper boot order in BIOS. You might see the error if the boot order in BIOS is first looking at a hard drive other than your main hard drive.

The error appears because the other drive doesn't have a file called hal. If you've recently changed your boot order or recently flashed your BIOSthis may be what's causing the problem. If this doesn't work or you're receiving the error message before you're able to complete this process, move on to the next step. Repair or replace the boot. What hid kit do i need will work if the cause of the problem is actually Windows XP's boot.

If repairing boot. In this specific situation, IE could be the root cause of your hal. Write a new partition boot sector to the Windows XP system partition. If the boot sector has become corrupt or isn't properly configured, you may receive the hal. Recover data from any bad sectors on your hard drive. If the physical part of your drive that stores any part of the hal.

Restore the hal. Perform a repair installation of Windows XP. This type of installation should replace any missing or corrupt files.

Continue troubleshooting if this doesn't resolve the issue. Perform a clean installation of Windows XP. This type of installation will completely remove Windows from your PC and install it again from scratch.

While this will almost certainly resolve any hal. If you can't gain access to your files to back them up, you should understand that you will lose them all if you continue with a clean installation.

Test the hard drive. If all else has failed, including the clean installation from the last step, you're most likely facing a hardware issue with your hard drive, but you'll want to test it to be sure. If the drive fails any of your tests, replace the hard drive and then complete a new installation of Windows XP.

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Part II: How to Repair hal.dll when Ha.dll Missing or Ha.dll corrupt Occurs?

Mar 19, Without the cd, the easiest route to go is get a bootable USB (usually with some form of Linux) and replace your corrupted with a fresh/working version. But if you could somehow get your hands on an XP install CD, use the Repair option. Nov 26, All of the sudden my computer won't open in XP. Says it has a corrupt or missing file I dont' have an Windows XP CD. What can I can to fix without loosing what is on the computer? Must have been an update last night, because it was working fine before. Mar 28, It's also possible to restore without a CD or disc drive. Look for an ISO image of the XP Recovery Disc online and burn the ISO file to a USB drive. After you change the boot order in the system BIOS and boot from the USB device, use this command to copy the file to the appropriate location on your hard drive.

This is not the same as any recovery disks that might have come with a store bought system. These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load. If you miss it, you will have to reboot the system again. The Recovery Console allows basic file commands like: copy, rename, replace, delete, cd, chkdsk, fixboot, fixmbr, etc. A good idea before starting things is to first verify the integrity of your file system using the chkdsk command.

From the command prompt window run the chkdsk command on the drive where Windows is installed to try to repair any problems on the afflicted drive. Running chkdsk is fine even if it doesn't find any problems. It will not hurt anything to run it. It may take a long time for chkdsk to complete or it may appear to be 'stuck'. Be patient. If the HDD light is still flashing, chkdsk is doing something. Keep an eye on the percentage amount to be sure it is still making progress.

It may even appear to go backwards sometimes. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Search Community member. All of the sudden my computer won't open in XP. Says it has a corrupt or missing file hal. What can I can to fix without loosing what is on the computer? Must have been an update last night, because it was working fine before.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question The usual problem with that message is not that the hal. You are going to have to boot on something to fix it. Since the Microsoft Answers forum does not prompt for any kind of system information when a new question is asked, we know absolutely nothing about your system. Not knowing fundamental information about a problem prolongs the frustration and agony of resolving these issues.

Thank you MS Answers, for making the resolution of simple problems as frustrating and time consuming as possible. Please provide additional information about your system as best you can: What is your system make and model? Was the issue preceded by a power interruption, aborted restart, or improper shutdown?

If the system used to work properly, what do you think might have changed since the last time it did work properly? The Windows Setup Press 'R' to enter the Recovery Console. Remove the CD and type 'exit' to leave the RC and restart the computer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. This site in other languages x.

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