How to develop a webpage

how to develop a webpage

How to Build a Business Website in 8 Easy Steps

Nov 04,  · This guide will show how you can quickly create your professional website and get it up and running in, even if you’re on a budget. Let’s get started! Step 1: Choose A Platform For Your Website. To build a website, you’ll need a platform on which to create and manage it. Nov 04,  · You can use an online service to create web pages, or build it offline using a desktop software tool. Or, if you're a coding dynamo, use a plain text editor to create .

A web page is a collection of code and information in a deelop way visible in a web browser. There are a number of web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

HTML is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets and scripting languages such as JavaScript. It can also be assisted by more advanced frameworks such as Spring, Angular, Bootstrap, etc.

For creating a web page you will need a computer with text editor and a browser. Any computer with standard configuration is suitable for basic web development. Any of the standard web browser mentioned above can be used for displaying your web page. Create a folder to store and organize all your web page related files together. Now create a text file inside the folder with.

You can choose any of the. You are free to choose any other name for your first web aa. Open the folder, right click and create new text file. Alternatively, you may open the text editor with a new file and save it as index. Remember, basic text editor chooses. Ensure that you rename.

After creating index. This is the first tag you should use on your web page to inform the browser for following basic HTML tests before displaying a web page. An element is made up of opening and closing tags. The browser reads the tags, formats the text between opening and closing tags and display the information by formatting as per properties of the tags or HTML elements.

This element defines a comment on a web page. The content inside comment element is not visible on web browser. You can use comments to explain your code. Before creating the actual HTML content, we should first declare how to use no line bifocals information about our page.

The text written inside the opening and closing title tags appears in the title bar of web browser. Now, let us talk about the content of your web page. Let us check it out with examples of some important HTML elements which are necessary to learn first:.

There are six different levels of headings viz. You can use as many headings tags to arrange your content as per their importance on the web page. To display headings on your web page enclose the heading texts in opening and closing tags heading tags.

Just write whatever you want as a paragraph content between the opening and closing tags of webpafe element. For e. Otherwise, the image will be displayed in full size and even cover the entire page. Defining image width will resize it proportionately to reduce the size.

In the web page images above, you can see an avatar image on top of the web pressure cooker what is it used for before heading 1. The table data is defined in terms of row and column. There are two type of lists in HTML. Ordered lists and Unordered Lists. Ordered lists have numerical values while Unordered lists have bullets to represent go list item. The two type of lists are shown how to read a peyote pattern below image:.

Let us first check out how to create an Ordered List on web page. An ordered list automatically inserts numbers in ascending order before eebpage list item. For creating an ordered list you will need two HTML elements i. For example, to create an ordered list with three items as shown in above image, write the following code:. Now let us check out how to create an Unordered list on web page. An unordered list automatically inserts a bullet before each list item.

For creating an unordered list you will need two HTML elements i. For example, to create an unordered list with three items as shown in above image, write the following code:. You can also create a list inside another list. This is also known as Nested list.

You can create nested lists for both ordered and unordered lists. In unordered nested lists webpzge are changed with shifting right level of list items. Let us see the code for how create a nested list or a list inside another list as shown in above figure. The following is not a comprehensive list of HTML tags, but they are how to develop a webpage most used tags you should be familiar with to begin your web development journey:.

You may check out the practical demonstration of how to create your drvelop web page in HTML and using a how to develop a webpage bit CSS in deve,op following video:.

You can download the sample First Web Page folder and use it by customizing for further learning. Download the zip file, unzip it and open index. Open the index. You may also replace the image in the folder with your own pic.

We hope the above information was useful for you. Information keeps on updating. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our blog or subscribe our YouTube Ho to receive latest updates. All Rights Reserved. How to create a web page? Step 3: Create web page metadata Before creating the actual HTML content, we should first declare some information about our page.

Step 4: What can cause a low hemoglobin web page content Now, let us talk about the content of your web page.

Let us check it out with examples of some important HTML elements which are necessary to learn first: Heading Elements: There are six different levels of headings dwvelop. Check out two levels of headings i. The two type of lists are shown in below image: Let us first check out how to create an Ordered List on web page. You may check out the practical demonstration of how to create your first web page in HTML and using a little bit CSS in the following video: You can download the sample First Web Page folder and use it by customizing for further learning.


GoDaddy ’s website builder, formally called Websites + Marketing, is an online editing and publishing tool that helps you make a responsive website with no technical knowledge required.. How to create a website with GoDaddy ’s Website Builder. Create a GoDaddy account.; Pick a design and use the drag-and-drop editor to add your own images and text or create a contact form. Jan 05,  · You create a new document, frame it in an HTML-appropriate manner, and save it with the, like, for example. Then, you link up file to control how elements in the HTML scaffold look. That’s all you need to make a simple web page. “Okay,” you may ask now. Jan 28,  · To design and create webpages, you can either hire a web developer or do it yourself. We discuss in detail how to outsource a web development task here. You should skip the following steps and move on to that page if you plan to hire someone to develop your website for you. For the DIYers, here are the three easy ways to design a webpage.

In the millennium era, websites are considered one of the most powerful tools in gathering information. With the increasing usage of the internet, websites are proven to be a powerful media to reach thousands of people regardless of the place and time. This is why, websites are also one of the most popular methods used in modern-day business, especially in the field of advertising. Designing websites can be done using various methods. Though it may seem complicated at first, it is definitely possible to create your own website just like how it is done by the webmasters in a web design company.

For further assistance, you can visit Maxburst. First and foremost, it is important to understand that a website is a collection of many different web pages consisting of different information. As an illustration, a website is a book with web pages as its chapters. Therefore, designing a whole website will take one web page done at a time. Now, if you think that you are still miles away from your first step of building your own website, no worries! Before starting with any line of code, the first thing you have to do is to create an idea of what your website is going to be about, and how it will look like, then write it down in a piece of paper or type it on your computer.

We can always start with something simple, and make something interesting out of it. After having an idea of what the website is about and what it looks like, the first thing you would have to prepare is the HTML and CSS files. In this particular point, the Codecademy has shown some valuable information.

Microsoft Word and Pages are not suitable for code writing as they are rich text editors. First, let us set up the very basic code that is usually used to create a website. These codes are usually called the boilerplate and are commonly used in almost all web pages out there.

Open your HTML file using the text editor and try pasting these codes:. You just successfully wrote your first lines of code!

Try opening your HTML file and replace your previous code with these ones:. Since we are only creating sections of the page, you will not see anything when you open the file in the browser. But if you are not, you may write some simulated contents first, and you can change that later. The above blue-colored texts are contents that are non-code and changeable should you have anything different in mind. Save the document, and try opening it in your browser. If you get everything right, you will have the following contents added to your website:.

The red-colored texts shown in step 5 HTML code are the links of the pictures that you want to insert on the web page. To acquire the URL of the image, you would need to upload your picture to an image hosting site such as Flickr, Google Photo, Facebook, or any image hosting site you have in mind. Copy the URL shown on the address bar, and paste it to replace the red-colored texts.

After finishing with the HTML contents, your web page is ready to read. However, one would also think that such an appearance may seem a little bit plain. CSS is a coding language responsible for styling our web page.

By using CSS, we can add designs and layout to the web pages and share the styles to all elements and pages. Firstly, we will work on the layout of the webpage to make it look like the one we have drafted. Therefore, for this step, we will work more with properties like width, height, margin, padding, position, and display. Now that the contents have all properly placed, we can add some formats to style the web page. Now open your web page again and you will see that the font type and sizes have changed, and the default styling from the header links has also changed.

Now we are going to add some final touch of colors and background to our web page to make it more appealing. This article on Jimdo contains useful information about choosing the best background for your website. Before typing more codes, you may want to upload the pictures of your choice to the image hosting site just like it is mentioned on step 6 and copy the URL of the picture.

Paste the URLs of your pictures into the green-colored texts above to change the background into your desired pictures. By entering the above codes, we have modified the background images and adding a semi-transparent overlay on top by using the code linear-gradient rgba ,,,0. If everything was entered right, our web page is finished and good to go:. Computer language is complex. There are many codes to enter and there are cases where codes are mistyped and contents are not inserted right.

It is always recommended that you check and recheck before publishing your website. As we all know, once the content is posted on the internet, it stays out there. Once you are done rechecking, you may publish your webpage and show it off. Putting it briefly, designing your own website is not really that complicated and frightening as long as we are willing to learn.

Please note that the above article emphasizes more on the step-by-step guide to creating a web page using simple HTML and CSS code rather than focusing on the technicality of the code. To keep improving, we suggest visiting a link about to coding challenge website where you can practice various types of coding exercises. If you have any other suggestions or feedback feel free to add a comment in the section below. We highly appreciate any advice. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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