How to delete the search history on youtube

how to delete the search history on youtube

How to Delete YouTube History and Search Activity

Delete your search and watch history: Under YouTube History, click Delete activity by Choose the timeframe of the activity you'd like to delete Click Delete at the bottom right of the pop up. Jul 25,  · To delete your YouTube search history, click “Search History” under History Type here, and then click the “Clear All Search History” command. To clear your entire history in the YouTube mobile app, head to Library > History. Tap the menu button at the top of the app, and then tap the “History Settings” option.

More seriously, you may be using YouTube on a work computer and need to get rid of the evidence before the IT department finds out. And of course in some countries, watching YouTube videos can be a political or even criminal act, and the reasons to cover up those tracks should be obvious. Regardless of your reasons, the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to clear your YouTube history on youhube about any device.

You can also clear your searches from within YouTube by selecting the Search history tab and selecting Clear all search history. You can also pause history too. If you use the YouTube iOS app you can quickly clear your viewing history, but if you use the Safari web browser to access the YouTube website you currently cannot delete your history.

It is a subtle distinction but one worth noting if you need to keep your viewing habits to yourself. Like desktop, if you just want to clear a single video you can. Tap the Clear button on the right of the video entry and that video alone will disappear. There seem to be a few updates of the YouTube app floating about though and Yotuube have seen at least three different UIs and ways to access history so you may have to search a bit to sesrch yours. Like with desktop and iOS, you can clear individual videos by tapping to the right of each entry in the list.

Just go to the Library and select History. The instructions for clearing your Histoty history from a smart TV will differ slightly by manufacturer but the process should be roughly the same as they all use the app to play videos. As with the other apps, you can clear individual videos, clear how to install eset endpoint antivirus search history and individual searches from your TV.

As I mentioned above, there are a few versions of the YouTube app floating around right now across all devices. I have seen the menu as three lines or a gray cog. On some versions, the gray X beside an individual video is actually three dots with more options. One of them is called delete, delwte just use that. In places where YouTube is not allowed or where watching certain content can get you into trouble, it is well worth doubling down on your security.

While you can clear your YouTube history from the app, it is well worth checking in your Google account too. Your viewing history is also saved in your Google Account if Videos you watch on YouTube is turned on.

If you how to screenshot with mytouch q need to view without leaving a trace, make sure to delete all history from your Google account too! Sign Me Up.

Remove Items From Your Watch History (and Search History)

Oct 06,  · Clearing YouTube search history on your computer If you are looking to delete your entire YouTube watch and search history on your laptop or desktop, select Menu > History > Clear all Watch History. Then click “Clear all Search History”.Author: Brave Software. Clear your entire search history To clear search history for your account, tap on your profile picture Settings History & privacy and tap Clear search history. TV, game console, or media streaming. Dec 21,  · Click on that to see more menu. You will see a list of search history appear on the screen. Step 4: If you don't want to delete the entire search history, check the search history box, and on the right side, you will see x buttons. Click on them individually, and that will delete the individual search history.

When you click play on a video, YouTube saves your watch history and any search you made for it. YouTube does this to estimate your browsing habits. These choices tell YouTube what to recommend to you next time. Like Google, it also speeds up your search and browsing on the video site. Sign into your YouTube account. Follow the steps below to wipe any record of everything you have watched on the site.

You can also choose whether certain activity is saved, turn on auto-delete for YouTube activity, and more. Saving Activity: If this is checked, your watch and YouTube search history are being saved. If you click on this option, you can disallow YouTube from saving your watch history, search history, or both. Auto-Delete: You can let YouTube automatically delete all activity after a certain amount of time. To do this, click on the Auto-Delete button. In the next window, choose auto-deletion of activity after 3 months, 18 months, or 36 months.

After choosing an option, select Next to save your preferences. You can click the Filter by date button to choose a time period to search through. You can use the results to search for a particular video to watch again or remove it from the list. You can delete this activity in chunks of each day, or you can delete each activity individually. Just click on the trash can icon to delete activity from a day as a whole, or tap the three vertical dots on the top right of an individual saved activity and press Delete.

If you click this, a window will come up where you can delete YouTube activity from within the last hour, last day, or all time. You can also choose a custom time range to delete videos that fall within it. Also, depending on what you delete, you may alter what YouTube shows and recommends to you. So when you delete your saved YouTube history and search activity, be aware you will be starting from a clean slate.

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