How to convert earrings into clip ons

how to convert earrings into clip ons

How to Turn Pierced Earrings Into Clip-Ons

Oct 16,  · In the world of jewelry making you need a few tricks in your bag. This is a great one to have in your tool box: How to convert a pierced earring set into cli. Oct 12,  · Click SHOW MORE to see more details about this project!Hi! We are Jennifer and Kitty, The O’Neil Sisters. Our blog is It is loaded wi.

Add it to the list of 4, weird things about me. My body rejects all anti-nausea medicines and…. So I was on the hunt for how to have a more colorful selection of earrings.

The most common approach for me is with hook earrings. As you can see, the hook is just shaped around the earring to make it dangle.

Then put the earring onto the hook of the converter. Again, using the pliers, close the converter so that it holds the earring in place. This picture shows the how to become a physciatrist of the loop at the top. You are simply closing that together enough so that the earring stays in place. The second type of earring is one with a post. Instead of inserting the earring into your ear and then a backer, you are putting it into the converter and clipping that onto your ear.

For small studs, you can actually remove the post entirely and use a strong adhesive to place it onto a converter. Because my daughter has pierced ears, I like the idea of being able to convert them back into pierced if she wants to use them. I make sure to keep the original hooks and backers in the same area for easy use. Speaking of which, I store all my earrings in ceramic egg dishes. I picked up several of them on clearance at Target last year, and I keep them on a shelf eearrings my closet.

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Lns supply list is short and simple— Earrings duh Clip on earring converters I use thesetheseand these Needle-nose pliers similar pair The most common approach for me is with hook earrings. Using the pliers, pull open the loop and take the earring off. Sensitive earlobes unite! Latest posts by Chris see all. Comments This is timely! Blog Policies For full disclosure of all blog policies regarding comments, advertising, copyright, and sponsored links please see my privacy policy page.


Nov 23,  · - In this video, see how to use Bead Smith Earring converters to quickly turn your favorite post earrings into datmetopen.comer: Me. Apr 16,  · Clip-ons: Clip-ons come in two styles: screw clip-ons and omega-back clip-ons. Depending on your preferences, screw clip-ons can have the design directly attached to the flat front of the component, giving the earring a “stud” look. Alternatively, they can also be dangle datmetopen.comted Reading Time: 3 mins. Convert a regular pierced earring (with a post) by using a clip-on converter that has a small tube on the hinged back. Simply slide the post into the top of tube and then gently bend the post forward so that the earring faces out. This will only work with larger pierced earrings; studs are too small and the converter will be noticeable.

Whatever it is, you want to change up the style of your earrings and wear them differently. But how do you go about doing that? Earrings come in a variety of styles; hoops, studs, dangle earrings, and clip-ons.

Depending on your personal preference you might want a particular style over another! Here are a few factors to consider:. These unique dangle earrings were once hollow stud earrings.

The client had us clip off the design and attach it to leverbacks. In all scenarios, the jeweler has to supply components in order to change the style of the earring.

A pair of white gold diamond stud earrings with screwbacks. Note the textured posts. A pair of stud earrings converted into leverback dangle earrings. These earrings have screw clip-on backs, which twist to tighten onto a non-pierced earlobe. These omega back clip-on open and close to snap onto an ear. Enter the giveaway. Here are a few factors to consider: These unique dangle earrings were once hollow stud earrings.

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