How to connect samsung galaxy to computer

how to connect samsung galaxy to computer

How to use Link to Windows on your Galaxy smartphone

With your Windows 10 PC, you won't have to because you can connect your Galaxy phone and computer for seamless multitasking. Easily mirror your phone's screen, view notifications, transfer files and media, and respond to messages and calls. As some of the USB cables are only for device charging, you can't use it to read the data on computer. Now, you are able to try to use the USB cable that comes together with your Android or connect Samsung to computer via another USB cable that is surely can work. If it can be successfully detected, then you can use this USB cable normally.

If you have a Windows PC or laptop, there are a few special integrations baked into the phone that allow you to see notifications and respond to texts without having to pick it up.

You do not need to download or install a new app on your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plusbut you will need to install an app on your Windows laptop or PC. First, go to the Microsoft Store app you can search for it in the taskbar by tapping on the Cortana samssung. In the store, search for Your Phone and tap on Get when you find the app from Microsoft. Coomputer may need to sign in with your Microsoft ID.

Once the app has been installed, tap Launch to open it. The app will ask connetc to choose between Android and iPhone sxmsung choose the former and then move to the next step of checking your phone to set up the connection. The two devices should quickly pair after you allow the connection on the phone. Click each tab and follow the on-screen instructions to make sure everything is set up, and that the app has been permitted access to receive this data from your Note phone.

Cimputer Photos tab shows you recent photos captured on the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus up to 25 photosthe Messages tab shows your texts, and the Notifications samsunh shows all the present notifications on your phone screen. Getting spammed with notifications on Windows? But the Note 10 range has an extra feature not available in the standard Your Phone app — Phone Screen.

This lets you coonnect your phone screen to the Your Phone app how to install water nipples for chickens use your mouse cursor to control tto phone. What a time to be alive. To enable it, tap on the Phone Screen tab and follow the on-screen instructions to permit aglaxy.

Now you should see your phone screen pop up; just use your mouse to click and drag and swipe around to navigate the phone screen. You can even wake your phone up just by tapping on the standby screen. If you open an app and need to type something, you can easily just use the keyboard attached to your laptop or PC. Phone Screen is still in beta, so it may feel a yo rough around the edges.

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Connect Samsung to Computer

Install SideSync onto a PC & mobile device, and then connect two devices through USB data cable or Wi-Fi. Simply connecting the PC & mobile, you can conveniently use various features of SideSync. For a PC, click the download button to install it. For a mobile device, install it through "Galaxy Apps" or Google "Play store". Mar 26,  · Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 To PC: Connect the Galaxy S6 to a computer with a USB cable. A window will show up on the Galaxy S6 phone screen. Drag the notification area down, and make a selection of your choice. Select. Connect USB storage. Select, OK. Select the Open folder to view files option on your computer screen. May 23,  · How to Connect the Galaxy S10 to Windows PC The first thing you need to do is connect your data cable to your phone and any available USB port on your laptop or computer. As soon as you do, a message may pop up on your phone’s screen asking if .

On our Samsung Galaxy, contacts are the most important files. We always need to transfer them to a computer for backup in case of losing data. However, how to transfer contacts from Samsung to computer without hassle? You can follow the directory to learn how to use the best program - Samsung Messages Backup, the official software - Samsung Kies, the popular email - Gmail, and the old fashional way to transfer our contacts from Samsung to a Computer via a VCF file.

If you don't like to use any third-party software, please jump to Part 3 and Part 4. The best program - Samsung Messages Backup is a professional and comprehensive program to transfer files between an Android device and your computer. With this program, you can easy to transfer all the contacts from a Samsung Galaxy to a computer and it can save you a lot of time. Samsung Messages Backup has a Windows version and a Mac version.

Please download the right version on your computer. Next, I will show you the Window version of the user guide, and the version of Mac does the same thing. After downloading and installing the program, use a USB cable to connect your Samsung to the computer.

You need to enable USB debugging on your phone to make sure your Samsung phone will be detected by the program on the computer successfully. Follow the prompts to make the program recognize your Galaxy. When your phone is detected by the program successfully, the interface on your computer will show like this below. Select the icon of "Contacts" on the list from the left side.

Click on "All Contacts" and you can see all the detail will show on your right hand. Select all the contacts or part of them by ticking the box in front of the number. Choose an address to save the contacts and you can find these contacts information in your target folder on your computer. As a Samsung mobile user, you may have heard of the application that named Samsung Kies , which is an official software designed for Samsung user to back up the data from Samsung device to a computer.

You can also use this program to copy contacts from Samsung to your computer. Here are the detail steps below. Download and launch the Samsung Kies on the computer, then use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to the computer. After the connection, the interface will show your Samsung device's storage memory. Then click on the "Export" button to start to copy your contacts from Samsung to PC. The third way is to use one of the email account - Gmail to save your Samsung contacts to the computer.

If you are a Gmail user, you won't miss this way to transfer the contacts and it's simple for you to save your Samsung contacts. The specific steps are as follows. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer in ? Import Gmail Contacts to Android Phone. How to transfer Samsung contacts without any third-party app? Only a USB cable can help you to make it. But, you need to export your Samsung contacts to USB storage first, and then copy the contacts to the computer.

Note: Menu items and buttons may differ among Samsung phones. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S9, here is a picture tutorial for your reference. Connect your Samsung device to a computer with a USB and you can find the folder that saved your contacts.

Drag and drop the folder from your Samsung to your PC and now you have finished the transfer. After I introduced 4 methods of how to transfer contacts from your Samsung device to computer, you may can't wait to find out which method is suitable for you. Here, I want to highly recommend the first method that I told you, it's extremely simple for you to accomplish the transfer with Samsung Messages Backup. This program is easy to play and give you lots of surprises in managing Android files on the computer.

Products Resources About Us. Samsung Backup. Samsung Recovery. Samsung Transfer. Samsung Eraser. Samsung Transfer Backup. Summary On our Samsung Galaxy, contacts are the most important files.

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