How to clean your braces at school

how to clean your braces at school

How to Take Care of and Clean Braces

Aug 28,  · Small Floss Dispenser & Flossing Needle: You may be tempted to use disposable flossing sticks, but those won’t be effective with your braces. You need to get the floss under your braces and down into the gumline. Be sure to use a clean section of floss for each section of gum and tooth; otherwise, you’ll just be spreading bacteria from tooth to tooth. Slim Brush (Interdental Cleaning . Aug 15,  · Use these tools to keep your teeth and braces clean and healthy throughout your treatment: Toothbrush & Toothpaste (Regular & Travel Size): Nothing is more important than brushing and flossing, and having a good soft bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste is critical to that. You may also want to consider getting a travel-sized toothbrush to keep your braces clean while you're .

Fortunately, it is possible to plan for and schedule your oral hygiene at school. Any appliance in your mouth increases the potential for dental damage, because:. We recommend:. To give yourself enough time, you should try to eat your lunch quickly, drink a water bottle and wait a few minutes, to let it and your saliva clean out your mouth before heading to the bathroom to brush, floss and prepare your teeth for the rest of the day. If you have more Concern Contact Us.

Social Icons. We recommend: Collapsible Toothbrush : The great thing about these little toothbrushes is that the handle becomes a protective case, shielding your bristles from the rest of how to build a house sparrow nest box kit… Also, they are small enough to fit into easy-to-carry kits like this.

Make sure that you choose a pocket-size fluoride toothpaste for your kit. Fluoride will strengthen your teeth and get them cleaner than fluoride-free options. You need to get the floss under your braces and down into the gumline. Slim Brush Interdental Cleaning Brush : It can be difficult to clean around brackets and along wires, even with dental floss.

Instead, we recommend using a slim brush a small cone-shaped brush that looks a little like a pipe cleaner. Chapstick is a great way to keep your lips hydrated and healthy. Find a Location. Superstition Springs Blvd. Suite MesaAZ Electric Dr.

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While braces provide invaluable benefits, they can make it somewhat challenging for people to keep their teeth and gums clean. Once your braces have had a chance to straighten your teeth, it will be much easier to clean between them. Until that time, however, food and plaque have many additional places to hide. If you have braces, you should be prepared to spend much longer cleaning your teeth to prevent cavities and gingivitis.

While it may seem burdensome, the extra effort will be well worth it! The best way to clean braces involves a slow and deliberate approach, using the following strategies and instruments:. That said, kids should still take a few moments to clean their teeth using an interproximal brush. Parents can also provide their children with portable kits that include a traveling toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

Children can then use these to clean their teeth when an opportunity presents itself. When they are at school, kids should avoid problematic foods that can stick to braces and teeth. These include hard rolls, bagels, pizza and any sort of chewy or sticky food item. Kids should also thoroughly rinse their mouths with water after eating, to eliminate as much food debris as possible. By taking good care of your teeth and braces, you can reduce the risk of unnecessary damage, which can result in costly repair charges.

You can also ensure that your teeth will be healthy and free of decay when you have your braces removed to reveal a flawless smile. This information has been reviewed by the Gentle Dental Clinical review committee. Call Hu rau Llame al Tumawag sa Table of Contents. Related Articles.

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