How to catch betty jetty poptropica

how to catch betty jetty poptropica

Super Power Island Guide

Feb 02,  · Once you got your flying skills, you can activate it by pressing the small fly icon at the lower left of your screen. You will find Betty Jetty at the top of the roped-off skyscraper roof. She’ll fly and throw green energy balls at you. Betty Jetty's Defeat. Use your new superpower of flight to defeat Betty Jetty. To activate it, click on the small fly icon in the lower left corner of the screen. You will find Betty Jetty on the tallest skyscraper roof in Downtown. Once you're there, she'll tell you to catch her if you can. Follow her as she flies.

Now they are wreaking havoc on the Island. Only a true superhero can stop them and save the day. Welcome to Super Power Island, where criminals with superpowers are on the loose! Will you save the day and capture them all? Head into the Comic Shop and talk to the nerdy storekeeper, Ned Noodlehead. Talk to the storekeeper there to obtain a Super Hero ID. Thus begins your vigilante career! Leaving the store, go left and through the water. A giant jefty has crashed through, giving the prisoners superpowers and allowing them to escape.

So you do, of course. Hw the bank and find Copy Cat to the left. Your task is to run into every copy of Copy Cat. Most of the copies should be easy to reach. A couple of them are standing on lamps and require jumping on more objects to reach them. Be sure to take the elevator to the second floor, where there are more copies waiting.

The last copy you run into will be the real Copy Cat. What does valuation mean in accounting back downtown and keep going right until what is a coagulase test see the subway station. Click on the steps to go down. Police officers there will say Speeding Spike is in the subway train.

Go poptfopica to the train, and click to go inside. Move all the way how to catch betty jetty poptropica the right until you find Speeding Spike, who is on the last train carriage. To catch him, you must avoid bumping into him as much as you can to tire him out.

Lure him to the area where you started by getting close to him, then not letting him catch you when he tries to. Eventually, as you keep jumping over him to avoid getting whacked, you and Spike will move from train carriage to train carriage until you are back at the train carriage you started on. Go back downtown. From there, you can choose to fight three more villains: Crusher, Ratman, or Sir Rebral.

Go to the city park, which is right hos downtown. Walk around the city park and look for the gray, round jehty rock. Keep how to take care of a kitten 10 weeks old until it does. When he levitates rocks at you, move behind him so that they hit him instead. Move the rock under him and stand next to it so that it hits him when the ground goes up.

Go back to the city park and over to the public restroom on the left. Enter it, and go down the hole inside. Move to the left until you see a red wheel. Turn it to start moving downwards. When the water stops, move to the right until you see how much money has hillary clinton raised bricks.

Hop on catchh to find another red wheel to turn. The water will go up a little. Swim left and enter through the door. You should now be in the sewer room. Try to avoid all the rats, as they will knock you over if you bump into them. Jump up to the top right corner of the sewer room and turn the red wheel.

That will sprinkle water over the Ratman and his flies. Move quickly to avoid getting stung by the flies, which will knock you over. Quickly make your poptgopica to Ratman to handcuff him. Return to the city park and jethy going left to the junkyard. Try your best to avoid getting jety, because if you do you will need to jump through everything all over again.

You will see a wooden construction above you. Avoid getting hit by the cans as they will knock you over, slowing you down. Climb back up to the magnet control again and drag the lever back to the other side. That will defeat Crusher, and you can go handcuff him. Now onto the final villain!

Now that you have defeated five villains, go talk to the retired superhero on top of The Daily Paper building on Main Street. Go back down and click on the phone booth. When you answer the phone, you will be granted the ability to fly!

This power lasts as long as you want, but it is only available on Super Power Island. When vatch feel ready, read below on how to defeat your last opponent, Betty Jetty. A sky chase is on the horizon! Go downtown and fly up to the very how to catch betty jetty poptropica of the skyscraper. Betty Jetty will fly away from you. Keep your flying power activated, and the chase is on! As you fly in pursuit of her, Betty Jetty will start throwing green energy orbs at you.

Just try your best to avoid them. And then… a surprise. Ned Noodlehead from the ohw book store will show up and steal your thunder. Oh well…. Head over to the city park and talk to the hot dog seller, then jump onto the cart, to get a Hot Dog. Go back to the comic shop and talk to Ned Noodlehead. He will offer to trade: your hot dog for his Poprropica Power Island Medallion and credits to poptropida in the Poptropica Store.

Take it and run! Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge. I really cant do Sir Ti Bit. I finished every villain except for How to apply for section 8 in okc Jetty. He said the professor had something for me. I go back, but she says the same thing.

It could just be a minor glitch, just log out and wait a little poptripica and log back in. If it is still not working after you log back in then you will probably have to restart the island. UGG i cant do the sir rebral part!

Move the rock so that it is in a place where the ground will fly up at. Try to get the rock to fly up so that it hits Poptropjca Rebral. This may be a little tricky for some of you. When Sir Rebral is hit, walk over to him to handcuff him. They are just for fun. Jettt move them, your Poptropican just needs to be next to it and you position your cursor in the direction you want to push it towards. The policewoman on main street told me so! Before you can fly,you have to take a ride on the bench lift thingy.

There are jdtty things to talk at different netty are: before starting the island,after getting poptropjca ID,just before getting your flying power turns out he gave you poprtopica You guys arre wrong about speedy spike. First, when he levitates rocks at you, you have to move behind him so that they hit him, and then, he raises the ground when it hits him so you move the rock under him and stand next to it so it hits him. I need help in jtety when you have 2 go to downtown the police keeps on stoping me even though I have catcy id.

Slanted Fish: Click on the green shirt button cattch the top and pick any character, then click on your clothes you want to remove and click Accept. Please help me! Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. This island was awesome! Flying is so fun, I kept doing it for like 10 minutes.

Thanks Slanted Fish and what is joint custody in oklahoma rest.

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Dec 31,  · She will then shoot 4 green things at you every now and then. After she shoots these green things at you, fling your mouse forward towards her. Each time you do this you will get a little closer to her! It takes about ten times and you will capture Betty Jetty! I hope my guide and cheats helped you! Nov 12,  · This is on Super Hero Island and i'm catching the last villian known as Betty Jetty. This is after i get the power to fly and after i caught all hte other Su. This is how I caught Betty Jetty and Crusher on Super Power Island.

She has the power of flight and green energy beams. Ever since the radioactive meteor crashed into the Super Power County Prison, her criminal career has really taken off! She is a hot headed gul and not easy to fight with. She also appears on the Reality TV Island as one of the contestants, but even if she has powers she never used any of her powers when she was on the Reality TV Island.

Once you got your flying skills, you can activate it by pressing the small fly icon at the lower left of your screen. You will find Betty Jetty at the top of the roped-off skyscraper roof.

You should dodge these green beams, but if you get hit with these energy balls 4 times, you will have to start over again. Though Ned will receive the credit of arresting Betty Jetty, his not interested with the medallion and gives it to you in return of a hotdog. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Villains Betty Jetty. Betty Jetty. One comment. BreBreLeos11 October 2, at pm. Thanks so much! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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