How much is a lamborghini reventon roadster

how much is a lamborghini reventon roadster

The 10 Most Expensive Lamborghini Models of All-Time

Like its coupe brother, the Reventon Roadster features a jet-inspired carbon fiber body complete with aggressive 18 inch wheels while under the hood Lamborghini will place a Liter V12 that. Remember the original Reventon was a cool one million Euro two years ago, this time the Reventon Roadster would be available for 1,, Euro + Taxes of the rumors on the Internet are anything to go by, that would mean a 15% surplus compared to the earlier car, which was only built 20 times by the way, and only a handful are actually driven by there owners, which is a real shame.

Chances are you probably forgot about the Lamborghini Reventon. We don't blame you. Whenever a company like Lamborghini builds a limited edition car that you will never be able to see, let alone afford, you tend to forget about them. Let us refresh your memory. The Reventon debuted back in and had a limited production run of 21 units. One of the 21 cars currently sits in a museum, so only 20 are truly available. Reventon means "small explosion" or "burst" in Spanish and the car features styling cues from a fighter plane.

The car is mechanically identical to the Murcielago LP This means that power comes from a 6. The car had horsepower and could hit 60 mph in 3. Although it was based on the Murcielago, the Reventon did have some unique features. The instrument panel, muvh example, is made up of three LCD displays that are revenon in an aluminum block and protected by a carbon fiber casing. The car even has a G-meter display in the instrument cluster.

The interior of the Reventon features black leather and brown Alcantara, while the exterior is a flat-grey that gives it a menacing look. The Reventon may look very familiar to you because a lot of the styling made it to the Murcielago's replacement, the Aventador. When the Aventador was first revealed, we knew that it was special. Unfortunately the Aventador reventln so good that it didn't help the value of the limited edition Reventon. Well, we found a Reventon for sale in the US, and you may be surprised at the asking price.

The car in question is currently being sold at Scottsdale Ferrari in Arizona. According to the Carfaxthe car was originally purchased in Missouri, then shipped to California. From there it was exported to Canada reenton eventually brought back to the US. The last reported mileage was as of September of this year.

So, now that the car is back in the US is it worth buying? Even though only 20 Reventons exist for the public, we don't think that it has the same allure that the newest range of hypercars has. In fact, it looks like the Reventon isn't collectible at all.

The Reventon was pretty cool back inbut how to fix psp blue screen of death Aventador is better in every way. The Aventador has more power and costs less than one third of the price. Perhaps that's why the Reventon hasn't gained value like other hypercars. The LaFerrari and the are each the pinnacle of Ferrari and Porsche, respectively, but the Reventon has quickly become overshadowed by several special edition models that are just cool bodies on top of standard Lamborghini models.

Salomondrin recently got his hands on a Lamborghini Reventon, and despite his love-hate relationship with the brand he came away loving it. If you have the money, and want something that is really special you may want to have a good look at it.

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Exclusive grey paintwork

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